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Running Calvin Andrews Into Trouble

Life was good for Calvin Andrews and BDA Sports.  They had locked up O.J. Mayo and were ready for another successful NBA draft.  Then came the news that O.J. Mayo had received money from Rodney Guillory, a runner for Andrews and BDA.  Calvin maintained that he stopped giving money to Mayo through runners prior to […]

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BEST Becomes Better

In Jason Belzer’s recent Sports Agency Rankings, he put Blue Entertainment Sports Television (BEST) at number three, behind WMG and CAA. Many people have never even heard of BEST before, so how could it be ranked higher than a juggernaut known as IMG (International Management Group)? IMG is much older than BEST, but in a […]

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Grading The NBA Draft (By Agencies)

It has been a week since ESPN delightfully covered the 2008 NBA Draft.  Adam Silver has never had as many people cheer for him in his life (if you did not see the second round, then you have no idea what I am talking about).  We have had enough time to digest the plethora of […]

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Agent Spotlight: Lindsay Kagawa

In a recent piece on Lindsay Kagawa (“Sports agent no devil, but wears Prada”), head of the newly created Women’s Elite Division for Bill Duffy’s BDA Sports, columnist Marcus Thompson II seems to fawn, just a little: “Kagawa, an Albany native, is what they call a postmodern businesswoman, the smoothie you’d get by mixing Ellen […]

Interview With The Agent

Interview With The Agent: BJ Armstrong

On the heels of an excellent interview with Leigh Steinberg, I was approached by a close friend of BJ Armstrong. The friend requested that I take the time to interview the 1989 first-round pick of the Chicago Bulls who later on became a basketball analyst for ESPN before landing his current job as an NBPA […]

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BDA Sandwiched With Mayo?

Honestly, the day I leave for a ten day trip to Israel, this happens? Anyone who knows me well, understands that I hate white foods (vanilla not included). I am not a fan of sour cream, despise cottage cheese, and refuse to intake any mayonnaise. I never had anything against one type of mayo, O.J. […]

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Running a Relationship

“The key to this business,” Dicky Fox told Jerry Maguire, “is personal relationships.” But when do said relationships start? And what do they entail? For Louis Johnson and Rodney Guillory, “runners” for Bill Duffy Associates Sports Management (BDA), a “relationship” with then USC-freshman O.J. Mayo meant a regularly BDA-subsidized Citibank account and over $200,000 total […]

Friday Wrap-Up

Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-Up

Cool news: I am scheduled to have an interview with Leigh Steinberg on Monday to discuss his efforts in promoting a cause to prevent, appropriately diagnose and treat sports concussions. Not so cool news: I actually had a mild concussion this week. At least we have something to talk about! On the real, I still […]

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Who Will Represent The 2008 NCAA Men’s Basketball Champions?

The Kansas Jayhawks and the Memphis Tigers are set to tip off the 2008 NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship tonight at 9:21PM EST, and until that time, many newspapers and blogs will be writing about the two teams and their players, and contemplating which team that wears the color blue will come out victorious. One common […]

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Carmelo Anthony Wants You To Be His Marketing Agent

Well not really, but Anthony is shopping for a new (wo)man to find his next endorsement opportunity. According to the Rocky Mountain News, Melo is no longer using the marketing and PR services of BDA Sports Management. No word on what went wrong in the relationship, only that Melo is excited to find a new […]