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Arbitration Guidelines, Strategy, And A Competition At Tulane

I am currently in The Big Easy (New Orleans), and very alive after celebrating my 26th birthday.  In fact, I am in New Orleans, because over the next couple of days I will be serving as an arbitrator at the Tulane National Baseball Arbitration Competition, a popular and intellectually stimulating event open to law school […]

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Woeful Weslye Saunders To Be Held Out Of 2011 NFL Draft

I have a new nickname for Weslye Saunders.  Woeful Wes.  The past year has been rather tough for Saunders.  In fact, it has been flat out deplorable.  Going into the 2010 college football season, the former South Carolina Gamecocks Tight End was predicted to be one of, if not the, best TEs in the country.  TEs […]

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With New CBA Coming, Agents Will Garner Less At NFL Draft

While most of the chatter nowadays is about the NFL Super Bowl line found at BetUS and who will win the big game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers, there’s another big debate looming: the Collective Bargaining Agreement. As it stands now, the NFL and players union have not come to terms on […]

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Shabbat Shalom/Happy New Year: Friday Wrap-Up (12/31/2010)

This is officially the last post of 2010.  If you missed my post from earlier today, please take a moment to check it out.  I wish each and every one of you a very happy, healthy, and SUCCESSFUL New Year.  With heavy labor battles regarding the NFL and the NBA, 2011 will certainly be filled […]

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Discussion Of 2011 Major League And Minor League Minimum Salaries

Yesterday, it was announced that the Major League Baseball minimum salary in the 2011 Championship Season will be $414,000. It is a $14,000 raise over the 2010 minimum. Article VI of the 2007-2011 MLB Collective Bargaining Agreement (referred to as the “Basic Agreement”) deals with player salaries.  Specifically, Section B of the Article contemplates Minimum […]

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Will There Be A 2011 NFL Season?

With the NFL Players Association and the conglomerate of NFL owners in Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) negotiations this month, we have a window to discuss whether the expiration of the CBA will result in the loss of the 2011 season.  My friends Bram A. Maravent and Jeffrey F. Levine, co-authored an article (click here) on […]

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David Falk’s Interview With SLAM Magazine

Last week, Nima Zarrabi of SLAM Magazine published a question and answer session he had with David Falk when he bumped into the well known basketball agent at Evan Turner‘s first commercial shoot as a professional basketball player.  It was an unexpected meeting, but Zarrabi was able to ask Falk quite a few questions.  Zarrabi broke up […]

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A Recap Of NFL Week 1, And A Look To The Future

With week 1 of the NFL season officially in the books, many football analysts start turning their attention towards surprise teams, surprise players and early season trends.  While Calvin Johnson’s controversial TD call, the Jets inability to gain positive yardage and the stunner in Kansas City all made headlines in week 1, the injuries were […]

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The Memphis Grizzlies Not Budging With Xavier Henry

The Memphis Grizzlies kick-off their 2010-11 campaign against the Indiana Pacers on October 6.  The date is only a little more than a month away, and the Grizzlies have still yet to lock up their most recent #1 overall pick, Xavier Henry.  They also have failed to sign their second 1st round pick, Greivis Vasquez. […]

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The 2010 MLB Draft And Possible Future Changes

Typically, the deadline for teams to sign the players that they select in each MLB First-Year Player Draft is 11:59 p.m. EST on August 15.  That deadline changes when August 15 falls on a weekend, pushing the deadline back to the first Monday following August 15.  This year fell into the exception, which is why […]