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Interview With The Agent: Teague Egan

On November 22, 2010, I wrote about a University of Southern California student named Teague Egan.  Egan, who is licensed by the NFL Players Association, was found to have given Dillon Baxter (a student-athlete at USC), a ride on his golf cart, which prominently displays the logo of his company (as seen at the bottom […]

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On To The Next One: Zach Britton

I am a month late on reporting Zach Britton’s switch from Hendricks Sports to Boras Corp. What is most interesting is what the Baltimore Orioles 2010 Minor League Pitcher of the Year said about his former representation: “I was with Hendricks Sports and dealt with Matt Laird.  He was great but I never really had […]

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Bernie Lee’s Client’s Wife Wants Half Of His Commission

Bernie Lee, a basketball agent who has been featured on this blog in the past, is now the defendant in a pending lawsuit.  On November 15, the Complaint in the case of Ashley Merritt v. Bernie Lee was filed in a circuit court in the state of Wisconsin (full Complaint is attached at the bottom of […]

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Does Payroll Of Playoff Contender Affect Future Contract Negotiations?

Baseball agents love it when a team like the New York Yankees or Boston Red Sox makes it to the playoffs year after year and is always fighting for a chance to win the World Series.  Not because a majority of agents are true fans of either team, but because they can then go to […]

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A Recap Of NFL Week 1, And A Look To The Future

With week 1 of the NFL season officially in the books, many football analysts start turning their attention towards surprise teams, surprise players and early season trends.  While Calvin Johnson’s controversial TD call, the Jets inability to gain positive yardage and the stunner in Kansas City all made headlines in week 1, the injuries were […]

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King James in Hollywood…Not Likely

No I’m not talking about LeBron playing for the Lakers, but that other Los Angeles team, the Clippers, if you forgot they existed.  The New York Post and ESPN recently reported that David Geffen, the billionaire entertainment mogul, wants to buy a controlling share in the Clippers.  More importantly, Geffen told current owner Donald Sterling […]

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Andre Johnson Relying On Uncle For Advice

That same uncle seems to have authority of advisor in Andre Johnson‘s most recent contract negotiations.  The problem is that uncle Johnson is not certified by the NFLPA and thus does not have authority to directly negotiate with any NFL organization.  If the rules are adhered to, that means that Andre Johnson must do all […]

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Labor Relations in the NFL: The Impact of the Uncapped Year

Since the 1993 NFL season, the league has had been fortunate enough to maintain stable and successful labor relations, extending the CBA five consecutive times and avoiding a work stoppage since 1987, but will that streak end this year?  NFL owners appear willing to lock out their players in 2011 if an impasse is reached […]

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Interviews With Joe Rosen And Jeff Frye

In the past few weeks, has had a couple of agents on its Hot Stove TV column.  One is Joe Rosen of Orpheus Sports and the other is Jeff Frye of Franklin-Frye Sports. Joe Rosen’s big client is Hideki Okajima.  It doesn’t hurt that he is based in Boston (allows for a lot of face-time […]

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Allen Iverson: Final Answer

From the moment the news broke of Allen Iverson’s “retirement”, the real question was how long before he found someone willing to offer him a contract. So after just seven days of “retirement” and some flirtation with the Knicks, Allen Iverson is headed home to Philly. The 76ers, who have lost PG Lou Williams for […]