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Manny Machado’s Agent Condemns Media’s Role In Violating CBA

The free agency period leading up to Major League Baseball’s 2019 season has produced a myriad of reports on the rumored signings of the games top stars. As writers fight online to claim credit for breaking news these details continue to seemingly leak out from the negotiation table to the timelines of Twitter, much to […]

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Excel Adds Two Agents as MLB Free Agency Begins

The 2018 MLB season has been over for a couple weeks and as the taste of champagne dissipates from the lips of the Red Sox faithful, the parade navigates to the MLB General Manager meetings, where agent movement and lingering free agent rumors act as the seasons nightcap. The GM meetings afford MLB executives the […]

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The Free Agent With No Agent

While there have been many moves in the first few weeks of free agency, the eyes of the agent community were squarely fixed on one player. Russell Okung, the former Seahawks lineman, made headlines for deciding to go into the free agency period agentless. Okung signed with the Denver Broncos and his contract has been […]

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Quintin Demps Signs With Rosenhaus Sports

Quintin Demps, who is entering into free agency ahead of the 2015 NFL season, has recently hired Drew Rosenhaus of Rosenhaus Sports as his new agent, as reported by Rand Getlin on Twitter. Playing last year under a 1-year/$1 million contract for the New York Giants, Demps looks to make the most out of this […]

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Breaking Down Australian Football League Free Agency 2012

Late last week the Australian Football League (AFL) released the list of players that will be Free Agents at the end of the upcoming 2012 season. A total of 81 players (62 unrestricted and 19 restricted) will have the opportunity to switch clubs free of having to follow the draft system. St Kilda has the […]

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Jayson Werth Was Not Free-Agent-Napped By Scott Boras

Last week, Jayson Stark of wrote the following: Scott Boras’ latest attempt to free-agent-nap another marquee player — in this case, as first reported by Fox’s Ken Rosenthal, Mets dynamo Jose Reyes — was nothing new, other agents say. Now, technically, there is nothing illegal about it, as long as Boras reports all contact with […]

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Taking In The Arbitration Offers And Acceptances

Now that you are all prepped for next week’s Rule 5 Draft, let’s discuss what recently transpired between arbitration eligible players and their teams.  This year, 27 players were offered arbitration (4 more than last year), and only 2 players accepted (1 less than last year).  Last year’s players to accept were Rafael Betancourt, Rafael Soriano, […]

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An MLB Where Draft Picks Could Be Traded

It is usually not until later in the year that the discussion surrounding baseball’s inequity bubbles in the minds of writers.  We all know about the huge disparity between the payroll of the New York Yankees and the Florida Marlins, yet the Marlins were able to fight off Goliath in the 2003 World Series. That […]

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Why John Wall Should Not Go Pro…This Year

In the recent week since the downfall of the Kentucky Wildcats in the NCAA Tourney, speculation has arisen about the status of John Wall, the Kentucky point guard, who by most analysts is expected to be the number one overall pick in the 2010 NBA Draft. There are reports that Wall is having second thoughts […]

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Understanding Major League Baseball’s Salary Arbitration System

The following article was a guest contribution by an author who wishes to remain anonymous. Under MLB’s current collective bargaining agreement (CBA), a player with at least three but less than six years of Major League service is eligible for salary arbitration. A player with more than two years but less than three years of […]