The Top Five Richest Football Agents In The World

When you think of the people in football, you often think of the players, managers, referees, coaches, fans, chairmen etc., however, football is not complete without agents and in today’s climate, never will be. Agents are the only authorised people by FIFA who are able to act as the middlemen

Stellar Group Expands Into The United States

British soccer agency Stellar Group has expanded into the United States by partnering with soccer agency Global Premier Management. With this new partnership, the American agency will now become Stellar USA. According to agent and Global Premier Management founder, Patrick McCabe “It is not an acquisition. It’s really a partnership/merger.” McCabe,

Stellar Group Launching Stellar USA Division

Stellar Group Limited is a London-based soccer agency that has negotiated nearly 150 active soccer (football) players. According to Forbes, the agency represents 96 clients whose contracts total $375.21 million. The agency is looking to reach a new level by launching an American division, aptly called Stellar USA. While the parent

Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-up (10/16/2015)

Last week and weekend, I was in Atlanta supporting a HEITNER LEGAL client My Mixtapez at the A3C Festival & Conference. It was a blast to be there in attendance and meet many notable artists and labels in the hip-hop scene. Another exciting moment was accepting an invitation to lead