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The Giving Back Fund’s 2nd Annual Best Practices Fundraising Summit

The Giving Back Fund is a national nonprofit organization that was established in 1997 to provide professional philanthropic management, consulting, and mentoring to athletes, entertainers and others.  The organization will be holding its annual Summit in at the Omni Hotel & Resorts in San Diego, CA on April 21st and 22nd, featuring presentations and panels […]

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NJ Nets Offering Floor Seats and…Dinner With Devin Harris?

With the state of the economy today, organizations across the board are forced to come up with innovative promotions and marketing ideas to help generate revenue. The NBA is feeling the downturn like anyone else, and some teams are feeling it more than others. The New Jersey Nets are one team that is actively promoting […]

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Marketing For A Sports Agent

Over at (great website, by the way), there is an interesting thread titled, Marketing For a Sports Agent. The topic was started by a person who potentially may pick up a Sports Agent client and he/she wonders what advice should be given in terms of marketing strategy. I believe that the best response was […]