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An MLB Where Draft Picks Could Be Traded

It is usually not until later in the year that the discussion surrounding baseball’s inequity bubbles in the minds of writers.  We all know about the huge disparity between the payroll of the New York Yankees and the Florida Marlins, yet the Marlins were able to fight off Goliath in the 2003 World Series. That […]

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The 2010 MLB Draft Begins Tonight

While Bryce Harper is the clear #1 overall pick in terms of talent, he leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to character.  Getting a two-game suspension slapped on you after your second ejection of the season, right before the biggest day of your life (the MLB Draft), might cause you to slip […]

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Team To Watch On Draft Day 1: Toronto Blue Jays

Let’s stay on the theme of the MLB Draft for now.  After all, it is only two weeks away!  One team that should be on every advisor’s mind (if he is advising a player with early round talent), is the Toronto Blue Jays.  The Blue Jays have 10 picks in the first 4 rounds, including […]

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The Deal is Done – Trindon Holliday Signs Contract

Trindon Holliday has chosen to be the guinea pig of this year’s off-season, becoming the first 2010 drafted player to sign, signing a four-year, $2.713 million contract with the Houston Texans. In the NFL, rookie salaries for players drafted in the earlier rounds (especially first round) are typically highly competitive with essentially unlimited upside to […]

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Protections For Baseball Advisors

The NCAA permits its student-athletes and high schoolers (who are not yet “student-athletes” under the jurisdiction of the NCAA) to secure the services of an advisor and still maintain their current and/or future NCAA student-athlete eligibility.  As mentioned last week, advisors are valuable to players who have the talent to be drafted by a Major […]

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MLB Draft Picks, Their Leverage, And Their Advisors

In only a little over a month from now, high school Seniors, Junior College students, and Juniors and Seniors at 4-year Universities will be selected in the 2010 First-Year Player Draft.  The draft, which spans from June 7-9, consists of 50 rounds, including supplemental rounds, but teams do not have to use up all of […]

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Rhodes’ Lack of Effort Could Cost Him

I’m sure that the news about the New York Jets‘ benching safety Kerry Rhodes is old at this point. However, a new story has surfaced in the midst of his changing position to pine pony. When Rhodes signed his contract with the Jets, the signing bonus and base salary were apparently only guaranteed for an […]

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In-Depth Discussion About NCAA Proposal No. 2009-22

On August 25, I took a peek at a new NCAA proposal, first introduced to me by Anastasios “Tassos” Kaburakis, Ph.D., Attorney at Law and Assistant Professor of Sport Law and Sport Management/Director of Sport Management Graduate Program at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.  The proposal, with an anticipated adoption date of August 1, 2010, would […]

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The Lockout Provision

Finding a professional athlete work during a lockout might amount to getting him on teams in other countries or minor leagues in North America. This strategy was widely used during the last NHL lockout in the 2003-2004 season. Players like Chris Chelios played with fringe minor league teams close to home and family while others […]

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Ask The Expert: Emery B. Sheer, Berenfeld LLP

On August 18, we announced that we will be running a new segment titled, Ask The Expert, in conjunction with AccessAthletes.  The first speaker of the series was Emery B. Sheer of Berenfeld LLP.  Sheer is a CPA who enjoys managing the accounts for many athletes and actors. The questions and answers were superb, and […]