Sports Law

Opportunity To Be Published In Sports Litigation Alert

Going to be at the University of Florida’s 2009 Sports Law Symposium? It is less than two weeks away (January 23, to be exact) and promises to be an excellent opportunity for those in sports business and those wishing to break in to learn more about the industry and network with some of the best […]

Dynasty Athlete Representation

UF student heads up, co–founds sports managing agency

I was thoroughly honored to have my name and the name of Dynasty Athlete Representation in YOUNG MONEY magazine earlier this week.  It truly shows just how far Dynasty has come in such a short amount of time.  But today, I woke up and have not been able to smiling since.  I don’t know what […]


UF Named #1 Party School

If the Princeton Review says so, then I buy it.  Are you surprised?  When there is only one major highway that goes through your city and the largest attraction nearby is Cafe Risque, what else are you going to do other than party?  Not to mention, UF has beautiful girls like Dynasty models, Lauren Stevens […]