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How Will James Paxton’s Case Be Framed?

Last night, I was reading the University of Kentucky’s response in opposition to James Paxton‘s motion for a temporary injunction against the university.  If James Paxton’s name does not ring a bell, quickly get caught up by reading this recent post.  Anyway, the most interesting piece of the 86-page document is Exhibit 5.  Exhibit 5 […]

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Andy Oliver Part II?

When I first reported on Andy Oliver back on June 2, 2008, no one had heard of him.  Since then, he has made national headlines in every major paper for his lawsuit against the NCAA, which eventually was settled for$750,000.  The antiquated NCAA Bylaw was voided, only to be re-established by the settlement.  It […]

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Problems in Memphis

NCAA allegations of major violations by the men’s basketball program at Memphis during former coach John Calipari’s tenure surfaced last Wednesday.  The charges against the Memphis Tigers include “knowing fraudulence or misconduct” on SAT exam by a player.  The NCAA’s letter to the school, which was sent on January 16, claims that an unknown person […]

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Kentucky Fried Gillispie

The Billy Gillispie era at Kentucky was short lived.  Only two years into his contract, a historically powerful SEC team was struggling tremendously, and Kentucky had seen enough.  Gillispie out, Calipari in.  But it looks like Gillispie’s presence will still be felt around the town of Lexington for quite some time.  Billy has filed a […]

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8th Grade Is Too Late…Recruiting Begins Much Earlier

That recent post on the 8th grader signing a Letter Of Intent with the University of Kentucky sparked a lot of discussion (let’s try to keep that trend going!). Whether it was a smart move by the kid’s family, and whether the University of Kentucky seems desperate is one issue. What about the fact that […]