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The Vincent Young Raffle

Vince did not look Young
Well if Reggie Bush gets a sweepstakes, I figure Vincent Young deserves a raffle. With a 22 point Nielson-index rating (35.6 million of the 130 million American TV households watched), the entire country was able to see just how much Vincent Young meant to his undefeated Texas Longhorn team. But if he declares himself eligible for the 2006 NFL Draft, will he go first, what factors will play a role, and what are the possible outcomes?

Neither Reggie Bush nor Vincent Young have declared themselves eligible for the draft as of right now (you may still be their agent…once they declare), but it is safe to assume that Reggie Bush will declare in the next couple of days, and if Young decides to leave (which is his decision and should not be based on what critics feel), we will probably also know that in the near future.

One thing is for certain: as of right now, the Houston Texans have the 1st overall pick and the New Orleans Saints have the 2nd overall pick. Everything else is just speculation. So let’s start speculating.

Just this second, I received information from an anonymous source within the Houston Texans organization who says that the Houston Texans opted for a two-year extension to keep David Carr through 2007. $15.75 million will be paid to David Carr over the next two years. This information would obviously play a HUGE role in shaking out who gets selected by which team. Assuming that Reggie Bush and Vincent Young come out and assuming that David Carr will be a member of the Texans for at least 2 more years, it seems that Reggie Bush would go to the Texans and Young to the Saints. Let’s hope that my source is correct.

Other possibility = Vincent Young played in Texas and has the opportunity to remain in Texas. This would go against the theory that the Texans will pass him by for Reggie Bush. Remember that the NFL is a business and each team runs their own business within the spectrum of the league. Look at Lebron James: a basketball player performing in his own town. The fan support, sale of team equipment, media support, sale of tickets, etc. booms when a high profile player gets drafted by a team in a location where he is already a figure of attention.

Other possibility = The New Orleans Saints desperately need a Quarterback. Aaron Brooks will not be the leader of the damaged Saints next year, and there is no person who would fit better into their system than Vincent Young (what system would he not fit into?). The Saints could trade their 2nd pick along with other items (picks, players, $) to the Texans for the 1st pick (a la Atlanta Falcons for Michael Vick) and the rights to Vincent Young…but the Saints also remember the not too distant past when they gave up quite a lot for one Ricky Williams. Vince Young should not be compared to Ricky Williams…or should he? Both Longhorns…both masters of the collegiate game…we have no idea how Vincent Young will perform in the pros (but that is for another article on another blog).

The Texans are in a very difficult situation. They have David Carr, who was absolutely amazing in college and Dominick Davis, who has shown a lot of promise as running back. Their offensive line is horrendous, though. They can get a lot for trading such a high pick, and there is a good chance that they deal the pick to improve upon many areas that the team needs help in. Vincent Young belongs in New Orleans…does Reggie Bush belong in Houston?…do any of us have an idea what is going to happen? No. But hopefully this post gave a little more insight into the situation than other news reports. And now, I would like to put this subject to rest for a while.

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By Darren Heitner

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3 replies on “The Vincent Young Raffle”

Reggie is as good as gone. After the game he said something to the likes of “even with me leaving, this team still has a great shot at winning the title.”

If I were the Texans, I would be trading down, for a package that could hopefully include multiple picks and players. The Texans’ need for Bush does not seem that great. The Jets would seem like a logical choice, picking at 4 and needing a RB in the near future (Curtis Martin can’t play forever).

Let’s not forget that before last night, Matt Leinart was penciled in as a Saint, with V. Young going at best in the 8-12 range. I believe the Saints are playing only in Louisiana next year, but a good way to sell out the Alamodome would have been to have Vince Young at quarterback.

If you draft Vince Young you make the fans of Houston awfully happy now. But, I think they would be upset down the road. Here is what happens if you take Young:

You get a possibly fantastic QB that could change the game, but the odds are that a scrambling QB is going to take a lot of development. You also then don’t get Reggie Bush. And you give up on your current QB that you spent 5 years developing. So. Draft Reggie, Keep Carr – and you keep 2 starters that will impact a turnaround next year. Only draft Young and he will sit and learn and you are minus 2 starters on offense next year.

The Texans were last in running the football and last in throwing it this year. They need to get better now. I am all for Reggie Bush coming to Houston. We already do have a fine back in Dominick Davis. They can split carries and on 3rd down Reggie Bush can line up as a slot or wide receiver and cause all kinds of problems there as well. It’s a win-win.

But, don’t think the fans of Houston aren’t going to be pissed about this one. The honeymoon for our baby franchise is over folks. The radio talk shows will be lit up on Monday and not too happy!

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