State-By-State Athlete Agent Registration Forms And Laws

[Also, for a breakdown of high school NIL Regulations: Click here]

Last Updated: March 5, 2022

1) Alabama

Application to become a registered agent in the state

Athlete Agent Law: SB317

NIL Law: HB404 [Repealed]

2) Alaska

No athlete agent law found.

3) Arizona

Athlete Agent Law: Chapter 13, Article 10, §§ 15-1761 to 15-1775

University of Arizona Athlete Agent Registration Form

Arizona State Athlete Agent Registration Process

NIL Law: S.B. 1296

4) Arkansas

Arkansas Athlete Agent Application Form

Athlete Agent Law: HB 1061

NIL Law: H.B. 1671

5) California

Athlete Agent Law: Uniform Athletes Agent Act

California Athlete Agent Forms

NIL Law: S.B. 206

6) Colorado

Colorado Athlete Agent Law

NIL Law: SB20-123

7) Connecticut

NIL law: H.B. no. 6402

Sports Agent Responsibility and Trust Act

8) Delaware

Delaware Uniform Athlete Agents Act

9) Florida

Florida Athlete Agent Law

Athlete Agent Registration Forms

NIL Law: SB 646

10) Georgia

Georgia Code Title 43, Chapter 4a

Department of Georgia Athlete Agents

NIL Law: H.B. 617

Georgia Athlete Agent Registration

11) Hawaii

Uniform Athlete Agents Act

Uniform Athlete Agent Registration Information

12) Idaho

Idaho Athlete Agent Law: HB 423

13) Illinois

NIL Law: SB 2338

14) Indiana

Indiana Athlete Agent Registration/Laws

15) Iowa

Iowa Athlete Agent Registration Form/Law

16) Kansas

Kansas Athlete Agent Law

Kansas Athlete Agent Registration Form

17) Kentucky

Kentucky Athlete Agent Registration Form

Kentucky Revised Statutes

NIL Law: Andy Beshear’s Executive Order

18) Louisiana

Louisiana Revised Statutes

Louisiana Athlete Agent Registration Form/Information

NIL Law: Act No. 479

19) Maine

No athlete agent law found

20) Maryland

Maryland Department of Labor Website

NIL Law: S.B. 439

21) Massachusetts

No athlete agent law found

22) Michigan

NIL Law: H.B. 5217

23) Minnesota

Minnesota Athlete Agent Law

Minnesota Athlete Agent Registration Info

24) Mississippi

Mississippi Athlete Agent Registration Info/Laws

NIL Law: S.B. No. 2313

25) Missouri

Missouri Athlete Agent Application Form/Rules & Statutes

NIL Law: HB 297

26) Montana

NIL Law: SB 248

27) Nebraska

Nebraska Athlete Agent Registration Info/Statutes & Laws

NIL Law: NE LB962 

28) Nevada

Nevada Agent Registration Info

Nevada Revised Code           

NIL Law: Bill AB254

29) New Hampshire

New Hampshire Athlete Agent Law

New Hampshire Athlete Agent Registration Form

30) New Jersey

No athlete agent law found

NIL Law: NJ S971

31) New Mexico

New Mexico Athlete Agent Application

Uniform Athlete Agents Act

NIL Law: SB94

32) New York

New York Athlete Agent Registration Information/Laws

33) North Carolina

North Carolina Athlete Agent Registration Information/Laws

34) North Dakota

North Dakota Athlete Agent Registration Form (search “athlete agent” to locate the form)

North Dakota Revised Uniform Athlete Agents Act

35) Ohio

Ohio Athlete Agent Registration Information/Laws

NIL Law:  Governor Mike Dewine’s Executive Order

36) Oklahoma

Oklahoma Athlete Agent Registration Forms

Oklahoma NIL Law

NIL Law: S.B. No. 48

37) Oregon

Oregon Athlete Agent Registration Form

Oregon Athlete Agent Law (2019 version amended by NIL law)

NIL Law: S.B. 5

38) Pennsylvania      

Pennsylvania Registration Requirement

Pennsylvania Athlete Agent Licensing Information

NIL Law: S.B. No. 381

39) Rhode Island

Rhode Island Athlete Agent Law

Rhode Island Athlete Agent Registration Form

40) South Carolina

South Carolina Athlete Agent Registration/Laws

NIL Law: S685

41) South Dakota

South Dakota Athlete Agent Law/Registration Information

42) Tennessee

Tennessee Athlete Agent Registration Services/Laws

NIL Law: H.B. 1351

43) Texas

Texas Athlete Agent Registration Forms

Texas Athlete Agent Law

Title I, Chapter 78 of the Texas Administrative Code

NIL Law: S.B. No. 1385

44) Utah

Utah Athlete Agent Registration/Laws

45) Vermont

No Athlete Agent Laws Found

46) Virginia

Virginia Athlete Agent Registration/Laws

47) Washington

Washington Uniform Athlete Agent Act

48) West Virginia

West Virginia Athlete Agent Registration (requires an applicant to make an account on the West Virginia Secretary of State website)

West Virginia Uniform Athlete Agents Act

49) Wisconsin

Wisconsin Athlete Agent Registration Information

Wisconsin Athlete Agent Laws

50) Wyoming

Uniform Athletes Agent Act