Lookin' good in the bleachers

Thanks to a reader who pointed out that Baseball Prospectus Radio had Dr. Lynn Lashbrook, President and Founder of Sports Management Worldwide on its radio show this past week.

Before getting into the actual dialogue of the conversation, let’s look a little into Dr. Lashbrook’s company.

Sports Management Worldwide offers online courses which train individuals for a sports related job (mostly known for its Sports Agent preparation program). By clicking here, you may view the topics covered in the Sports Agent course (topics that we aim to discuss on this blog for free). I am neither for, nor against the program offered by Sports Management Worldwide, though, as I have never had the opportunity to enroll in one of the courses that the company provides.

Here are some interesting segments from the Baseball Prospectus Radio show:

Dr. Lashbrook is getting ready for his Annual Agents Conference, which will occur in Indianapolis shortly. Its backdrop is the NFL Combine. Is not open to the public, but you can register for the event at www.sportsmanagementworldwide.com. Dr. Lashbrook’s website teaches people how to be Agents and courses are offered for college credit. The concept of offering such classes is only 3 years old.

Currently, Dr. Lynn Lashbrook’s company mostly represents NFL Europe and Minor League Baseball players.

It seems that Dr. Lashbrook lives by the quote, “You have to have a ticket to the game to catch a foul ball.” He believes that his company gives aspiring agents the opportunity for success, but will not gaurantee any clients. The courses are designed to start the process Lasbrook said, “We don’t think Universities necessarily are offering the most relevent course to break into the business.”

Some past students have become associate scouts, gotten into upper management, started their own agencies, etc. Graduates call up Sports Management Worldwide to inquire about current students for possible openings.

Personally, I am not very convinced that online courses are necessary for aspiring Agents. There is a lot of information that is available for FREE that future Agents should be reading up on (such as Collective Bargaining Agreements, the UAAA, etc….which are all discussed on this website). Going to Law School will also give you enough knowledge to successfully negotiate and draw up contracts.

If anyone has ever taken one of these classes, I would be happy to hear your input.

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