Open Thread

I am off to St. Augustine for the day/night on my fraternity’s formal. I will not be posting again until tomorrow. I want to open up the conversation to all visitors and ask what should we do to improve this site?

Here are some suggestions for comments:

  • Posts about particular subjects that we have not covered.
  • More analysis about previous topics that could be covered in more depth.
  • New offshoot projects, like the internship database that will be improved upon shortly.
  • Things you think we should scrap, because they suck.
  • Anything else!

I hope to come back from St. Augustine and find a bunch of comments. I am truly interested in hearing what you all think can be done to improve this blog.

-Darren Heitner

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  • Jordan McNulty

    Yal do a great job with this site, covering a wide range of topics and offering some insightful analysis. I think it would be interesting for you to cover the major differences in being an agent in basketball vs. baseball vs. football, a study on players switching agents, what goes into recruiting a student-athlete, some innovative/trendsetting contracts by agents (and which agents are known for this), break down some CBA provisions, a breakdown of the background, education and experience of basketball agents, an anaylyis of how many high school players stick with their advisors if they end up going to college, the impact of Athletes Performance training (and do agents or players pay for this) and maybe how much Happy has been paying your boy and his fam. Thanks.

  • Chris

    Agents usually pick up the tab for pre-combine training. I know training at API runs a minimum of $10k, plus the agent is usually required to pick up any housing required, rental cars, spending money, etc. For this type of training for players outside of the first round or two the agent usually only breaks even on the player in his first contract or even ends up in the hole a bit. That’s where the agent has to work his ass off to make sure to keep the player for his second contract, which is where he makes his money.

  • Eric Kotchi

    Your site is awesome. It would be nice to get advice from people in the field on how to get in the field. Especially for college students, what subjects should we focus on, what school’s have the best graduate program for the field, etc.

  • Matthew Allinson

    Darren, it might be helpful if you have a section, where it lists the stories that each contributor has written for easy access. I know you can search each person’s name, but have a separate section archiving each columnist.

  • Let me see if I can add something like that to the About page.

  • Matt – I added the links already. Great idea, and easy to implement.

    Eric – Thanks for the props. We actually do a column called Interview With The Agent, which should give some good inside info about the field. I have also done a couple of posts on graduate schools with special sports MBAs, and some Sports Law programs.

    Jordan – Great list of stuff to cover. I have saved your comments and hope to touch on a variety of those issues.