Carnival Of The NBA #45 – Final Draft

Carnival of the NBA #45 - Final Draft

  • If we are making a list of teams that seem to be done, the Celtics need to be near the top of the list. LOY’S PLACE understands that patience is a virtue, however, and hopes that the front office keeps the young core of talent who may have some chemistry with one another. RedsArmy.com plays GM and tells Danny Ainge who to select.
  • While we are on the subject of nicknames, With Malice relates NBA teams with popular old TV shows. I have always been scared of the thought of a Greg “Uncle Fester” Popovich lurking around.
  • And what about the Cavs? Cleveland shocked the world when they knocked out the Pistons in this year’s Eastern Conference Finals. Hogwild has some inside information regarding the Cavs’ secret weapon.
  • I rarely shocked the world as a kid, when I would attempt to draw Jewish stars and palm tress on my Etch A Sketch. shewda points out that there could possibly be someone more talented than me in this respect. Someone able to Etch A Sketch Lebron James.
  • The NBA season sure is over, but now comes the real fun. Who will get picked in the draft that you never have heard of before? HoopsAddict.com thinks that you should pay attention to an Aussie named Sam Mackinnon.
  • The Timberwolves have been pretty active. They still have Garnett, but no longer have Mike James. He has been traded to the Rockets for journeyman, Juwan Howard. TWolvesBlog.com sees it as a step in the right direction. I Heart KG mentions that Mike James is just excited to wear #7, which is obviously G-d’s favorite number!
  • But back to the draft (the carnival is titled Final Draft for a reason). Daily Basketball has been compiling NBA Draft Previews written by some of the best bloggers on the net (including yours truly).
  • Posting and Toasting envisions the Knicks taking a guy named Almond from Rice University (mmmm…almonds and rice) or the cook who prepares such a dish…Daequan Cook, with the 23rd pick in the draft.
  • Passion and Pride hedges his mock drafting bets by making the 76ers possible picks into multiple choice possibilities. You had me going until you said Andre Iguodala is on the cusp of stardom.
  • And if you do not care about future players who will be drafted and are more interested in what current players are doing in the offseason, The Sports Hernia Blog has you covered. It is hard to believe that Kobe could possibly be contemplating passing.
  • Final (un-sponsored, non-affiliated) links that you should visit if you have a heart:
    • SBNation.com has been renovated and looks pretty.
    • FanBash.com is a new user-driven sports website where fans create user
      generated content in list form. Who doesn’t love lists?