I was fortunate enough to receive an advance copy of Money Players: A Pro Athlete’s Guide to Success in Sports, Business & Life directly from author, Marc Isenberg. Marc Isenberg runs the blog that is appropriately titled, Money Players.

Recently in the SportsAgentBlog.com Forum, someone asked, “What are the best books and articles to read in preparation and to continue to keep up with the current trends in the business?” My answer was that there really are not any current books to read and that the best idea is to stick to reading this blog along with any other daily updated sports business/law publications. Now that Money Players has been completed, I would add it to my suggested reading list.

While Money Players is targeted primarily to athletes, prospective and current agents can learn a lot from this easy read. In fact, Chapter 5 of the book is titled, Select Your Agent. It is important to understand what players are looking for in their search of representation. The book also highlights many laws and regulations that have been implemented in order to re-shape the industry and keep agents ethical and trustworthy.

In Chapter 1, Marc explains that one goal of Money Players is to show [athletes] how to build a team of excellent advisors. I think that Marc does a particularly good job of helping athletes accomplish that goal by providing Five Don’ts and One Do in Chapter 2 of the book. And I agree with Marc on what he believes is Hands down: the best advice:

“You may feel obligated to select an agent who may not be competent and who is definitely not ethical. If you do end up hiring him, you will pay for all those gifts you received many times over, and your money will be used to dangle similar bait in front of other prospects.

The book will not be released until the middle of September, but you can order it at a pre-publication price by filling out this form by August 30th. It is a great, easy read, and I give it 2 thumbs up.

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-Darren Heitner