Don’t ask me how I have time to run a sports agency, post to this blog, read over 1,000 sports news stories per day, build AccessAthletes, go to law school, read for law school…and still manage to have time to read for pleasure. Well, okay…you can ask me…but my response will be that I am superhuman (oh, I still manage to workout almost every day and play intramural sports). But my superhuman powers is not what this post is about.

The Dynamic PathThis post is about a collection of amazing stories told in one book: The Dynamic Path. The Dynamic Path is not a book that you will see listed in any category in the Links section. It really is not a sports book. Instead, it is a 220 bound story that teaches us all how to live a fulfilling life and uses many sports persona (along with other influential people outside the realm of sports) as a means of displaying that information.

Do you ever feel like you do not know your purpose in life? Or that you are not sure what you are doing matters in the long run? I know that I tackle those feelings from time to time. Honestly, after reading The Dynamic Path, being another strong individual does not seem that appealing to me. Instead, I feel motivated to create my own legacy. If you read the book, I imagine that you would be left feeling the same way.

Even if you personally get nothing out of The Dynamic Path after reading it, at least you will be able to say that you read a bunch of cool stories about figures like Bill Bradley, Terry Bradshaw, and Billie Jean King. And you will be left thinking, “Who the hell is this Citrin guy, and how did he score so many cool interviews?”

Bottom line: if you no longer feel like it is enough to merely be an individual on a path to gain as much money as possible and want to strive to become a champion, a great leader, or truly achieve greatness and leave a strong legacy behind, then The Dynamic Path is the right book for you.

-Darren Heitner

Call for Book Reviews: I will be promoting the release of another book within the next week and will be starting to read yet another book sent to me for review. If you are an author and would like your book reviewed on this site, please e-mail me for the proper mailing address.