I don’t know how I missed this story that was posted almost five months ago, but Forbes.com put together a piece on what they believe to be Baseball’s Best Agents. The eight agent entities (both individual and team efforts) that are highlighted account for 41% of the $2.5 billion in salaries being paid out by MLB organizations.

Surprisingly, Scott Boras does not head the list (it is based on an objective standard). Instead, the publication selected Peter Greenberg of Peter E. Greenberg & Associates (he needs to update the website). They note Greenberg’s heavy influence on Latin American baseball players…particularly Venezuelans.

Here is the precise formula that Forbes.com used to rank the eight entities:

Their current clients were compared with the closest statistical match who signed a new contract at the same age, vs. the average league salary over the length of each contract. Comparisons were made using a series of calculations devised by Bill James, a pre-eminent baseball statistician and special consultant to the Boston Red Sox.

Only players who have been eligible to file for free agency were subject to review in [the] analysis.

And here are the eight entities, ranked by Forbes.com using the standard laid out above:

  1. Peter Greenberg (Peter E. Greenberg & Associates)
  2. Randy and Alan Hendricks (Hendricks Sports Management)
  3. Scott Boras (Boras Corporation)
  4. Seth and Sam Levinson (Athletes’ Careers Enhanced and Secured Inc.)
  5. Casey Close (Creative Artists Agency)
  6. Arn Tellem (Wasserman Media Group)
  7. Greg Genske and Scott Parker (Legacy Sports Group)
  8. Tom Reich and Adam Katz (Wasserman Media Group)

-Darren Heitner