If you are planning on being in Tallahassee, FL, Miami, FL, or Philadelphia, PA, then you are in luck (unless you seriously despise sports symposiums). All three cities will be hosting various panels discussing the legal and business side of sports on Saturday. Descriptions below:


  • When: Saturday, February 23, 2008
  • Cost: UM Law Students – $20, Law students at other schools – $30, UM non Law Students – $35, General Admission – $40, Attorneys for CLE – $80.
  • Topics:
    • The Role of the Entertainment and Sports Lawyer
    • Balancing Justice within Anti-Doping Regulation: Equality of Competition v. Protection of Individual Rights
    • 360 DEALS: The Band Becoming a Brand and the Expansion of Artists’ Rights
    • Professional Equality: Is the Rooney Rule an Effective Model for Professional and Collegiate Sports?
    • Intellectual Property Rights: What’s New in the Litigation Arena
    • Ethics in Sports and Entertainment Law: The Situations That Arise, How They are Handled, and How They Should be Handled
    • Lawyer Agent v. Non-Lawyer Agent
    • Toxic: How the Paparazzi, Drugs, and DUI’s are Affecting the Entertainment Industry
  • For more info and a list of speakers: click here.

FSU’s 5th EASL Conference

  • When: Saturday, February 23, 2008
  • Where: Florida State College of Law Rotunda
  • Food will be served and the keynote speaker will be Peter Boulware! What more could you ask for (other than a change of location)?…sorry about the cheap shot.
  • For a list of speakers: click here.

Villanova’s Sports & Entertainment Law Journal Symposium

  • When: Saturday, February 23, 2008
  • Cost: General admission includes continental breakfast and lunch for $30. Villanova law students and faculty can attend for free. Click here to register.
  • General Topic: Sports and Technology: Internet Subs Out Traditional Media
  • For the schedule and list of speakers: click here.

I was supposed to be speaking at the Villanova event. Not quite sure what happened with that one. Oh well, too much work to do in (currently no so sunny) Florida at the moment anyway.