This news really surprised me. I have always heard and been told that there are far more people interested in breaking into the sports business industry than positions available. This article by the Star-Telegram flips the script and says that there are not enough applicants for the numerous new sports-related positions available. Let me clarify that statement. There are not enough qualified applicants to fill newly created positions.

With the expansion of major league soccer in the U.S. and the addition of more minor league baseball teams, the demand for sports front-office positions has grown, Game Face founder Robert Cornilles said.

“The fact of the matter is we have more jobs that we have to fill for teams than we have qualified candidates for,” Cornilles said. “The industry is definitely growing because there are more teams than ever before.”

So you might be thinking, how do I become a qualified candidate? For one, a degree from a University is a good start. Make it a business or marketing degree, and it may be worth more to an organization. Think about getting a post-graduate degree. Make yourself stick out from the base competition.

Disclaimer: just because there are a bunch of new sports business jobs being created does not mean that it is getting any easier to break through the barriers in becoming a sports agent. Anybody will tell you that you are doing yourself a disservice by restricting yourself to only learning the agent side of the business. It is always smart to diversify yourself, whether it be with your stock portfolio or choice of occupation. There is more to sports business than being an agent. Since there are plenty of new opportunities available for qualified applicants, doesn’t it make sense to learn as much about sports business in general in order to have a healthy resume in case your dream of being a successful sports agent does not pan out?