Short Personal Health Update

In case you did not catch my short mention of it on the Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-Up, I suffered a minor concussion last week after taking a fall and hitting my head. No real need to get into more details than that, but after spending the entire weekend in the ER (mostly in the waiting room), I want to inform you all that I will be okay. I appreciate all the e-mails that I have received wishing me the best. Basically, I have some minor bleeding on the outside of my brain that should heal itself shortly. The doctors said that if they were looking at a group of people, I would be the last person they would suspect to have any blood inside of their skull. So that’s a good thing. It will not affect me in any way. The only cause for concern is that I still cannot smell or taste anything. Apparently, when you hit the back of your head with enough force, there is the possibility that it will rip out the nerves going to your olfactory nerve (controls sense of smell and taste). The doctors believe that this is what occurred. The good news is that those nerves are a group that have a chance of regenerating. There are few nerves in our body that are able to do such a thing. The tough news is that it will take months before I get any taste or smell back (if I do), and there is a little bit less than a 50% chance that those senses ever come back at all. I’m picking tails on this coin flip, I hope you are behind me!

Anyway, with spending the entire weekend in the ER, unable to do much in terms of updating this blog, work (thanks to the Dynasty guys for picking up my slack), and studying for finals (my first one is this Tuesday, followed by many more), I may be a little slow on updates here for the next couple of weeks. Expect a larger than normal Friday Wrap-Up.

I also should be having the interview with Leigh Steinberg today. Let’s hope his people get back to me about the specific time.

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Sorry to hear about that. I talked to you yesterday and was unaware of your circumstance. I feel bad. I hope you feel better buddy. I hope all goes well with your meeting today.

Again, thanks for the emails, comments, and IMs.

The Leigh Steinberg interview will take place this Wednesday at 6PM. I already have a bunch of topics prepared for discussion, but if you have anything in particular that you think is worth mentioning, shoot me a quick email at

Back to studying for Civil Procedure!

Sorry to hear about your bad news! Hopefully the lack of taste and smell is only temporary.

Would love to hear about Steinberg’s opinion on whether or not a sports agent needs a law degree, or any graduate degree for that matter. It’s mandatory for the NFL, but not for other sports obviously.

Take care!

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