Matthew Watkins Takes The NFLPA Exam

DynastyDynasty Athlete Representation NFLPA agent hopeful, Matthew Watkins, just completed the journey that many readers of this site hope to one day experience.  Matthew recently returned from Washington D.C., where he joined 300+ other potential NFLPA advisors at the organization’s yearly seminar and took the NFLPA certification examination.  Watkins has not had an easy schedule by any means.  Only a few days after taking the exam, he is currently in the process of taking the Florida Bar Exam in Tampa.

Anyway, Matthew somehow found the time to pen a short write-up on his experiences at the 2008 NFLPA Contract Advisors Seminar.  It is definitely worth the quick read [2008 NFLPA Contract Advisors Seminar].

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  • Kevin Wilson


    Thanks for the advice!! This is a big help and a constant reminder for me to keep studying for this exam because late July will be here in no time. Also, besides wanting to pass and start a career helping athletes, I don't want to possibly wait another 5 yrs. to re-take it and I'm not into to blowing away a $1,600 reg. fee.
    By the way, if you are anyone knows of certified agents who would be willing to give advice over the telephone, I could use it. Contact me at Thanks again for the blog!!