Today is Blog Action Day 2008.  Last year’s mission was to help the environment, and did its small part to notice those in the sports world who have been going green and encourage others to follow suit.  This year’s goal is to make a difference by having over 7,500 bloggers post about poverty.  Those 7,500+ sites have a total readership of over nine million.  I have once again signed up this blog to take part in this effort to promote a good cause.  What can sports agents do to raise awareness about poverty and potentially reduce its footprint?

We can follow the lead of Glenn Toby.  Glenn, himself, had to deal with poverty as a child.  He went from not knowing if he would have a comfortable place to sleep at night to becoming a sports and entertainment executive worth many millions.  He has represented LL Cool J, 50 Cent, and Asante Samuel among many other big name clients.  Still, with all of his success, he gives back to those who need money a lot more than he does.  Toby is doing his part to ensure that young disadvantaged children have more opportunities than he did growing up.

Glenn Toby has gone from homeless to hero.  With all of his great achievements, he takes the most pride in the creation of the Book Bank Foundation.  It was formed in 1997 with the goal of boosting literacy among the nation’s youth.  Its mission is to make a positive impact on the communities in which we live by providing homeless children and their families resources for combating illiteracy.  The emphasis is placed on helping inner-city children who are often poverty stricken.

Dr. Cornel West, a popular professor at Princeton University, has noted, “Poverty is what has created & shaped Glenn Toby.”  Dr. West’s words are very inspiring, but trumped by this quote by Mr. Toby: “Homeless does not mean helpless.”  Do your part and either help Mr. Toby advance his Book Bank Foundation, find another worthy cause that raises awareness and helps out those who are poverty stricken, or start your own initiative.  Blog Action Day is all about doing something.  Even if it means donating a piece of memorabilia from one of your clients so that the money made from its sale goes to help out those who need the money, you would be doing a part in helping out our world.

For information on the Book Bank Foundation:

The Book Bank Foundation Inc.

Phone: (718) 989-2168

Fax: (718) 989-2168