If you are a die-hard Kansas City Chiefs fan or you have Larry Johnson on your fantasy football team (a more likely possibility), you definitely felt a void in your sole yesterday as LJ was held back from putting up any stats.  He was previously benched two games for violating team rules before sitting out this past weekend’s game for spitting at a woman in a nightclub (aka violating the NFL’s personal conduct policy).  An agent has a fiduciary duty to represent and protect his clients at all times.  However, an agent will always be concerned on how his clients’ activities may reflect on his/her reputation.  I am sure that former agent, Michael Huyghue, voiced little concern when his onetime client, Pacman Jones, fired him.  Agent Alvin Keels was not going to even wait for any kind of termination letter, and instead decided to inform Larry Johnson that their relationship has eclipsed.

I once looked at the various similarities between myself and Keels.  We both work out of home, started our agencies in our early twenties, and owned promotions companies while students in college.  When I wrote the article almost exactly a year ago, Johnson and Keels seemed to have a great relationship.  Jason Cole of Yahoo! Sports found out straight from Keels that the relationship has recently turned sour.  LJ must hold off on hiring a new agent until five days after the termination of representation was made official by the NFLPA.