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K-Rod On the Verge of Gold?

Francisco Rodriguez, one of the best relief pitchers in Major League Baseball, is on the market. There are many teams interested in K-Rod but his agent Paul Kinzer is basing their decision on two variables: money and comfort. Kinzer stated that Rodriguez wants to feel comfortable wherever he goes. In October, Kinzer was quoted by as saying that only 5-year contracts with Mariano Rivera money ($15 million per season) will be seriously looked at. Nowadays, he is saying that he and his client will go wherever the market takes them.

Now, let’s take a look at some statistical comparisons to see what K-Rod should be worth:

By using this data, it is easy to tell that Rodriguez “meets or beats” his opponents’ stats.

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What is the point of some of these comparisons? Lidge, Putz, and Chad Cordero didn’t sign deals as free agents. Why are you using them as comparable or benchmark salaries?


Throw out Chad Cordero because that was a 2nd year arbitration contract. Throw out JJ Putz because that was a first year arbitration contract.. You also need to look at what alternative a team can take, what other FA’s are out there. Now, when looking at KROD, one should look at the teams that need a closer and have a budget to spend that money. Why dont you have Lidge’s new deal in there? Gagne’s contract is off of a bad post season with Boston. So that leaves Nathan, Rivera, Wagner, F Cordero, BJ Ryan and Lidge.

I also do not know why you don’t have a chart with Saves in it for platform year and career to show consistency. Wins ands loses are nice, but saves and the success rate are the most important stats you can use.

Just my thoughts


The whole point of this post was to show everyone what K-Rods statistics are comparable to those of other high contending pitchers in the Majors and what their last contracts signed were. I should have posted: “Use your own imagination when guessing what Rodriguez is worth.”


But you are comparing the wrong stats and are using the wrong players. Also, that is NOT Lidge’s last contract. This is a good site and you need to keep the integrity of it by doing your research before posting a blog about free agency. You left off a number of better player comparisons and I could paint a favorable comparison for any player if I can hand pick the stats. I also doubt that Kinzer is using stat comparisons for KRod at this point. All 30 teams know what he did this past year and the consistency he has had over the last 4-5 years. The closer market is really easy to figure out for a guy like Krod.

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