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Boras Not So Boras

With Manny still left unsigned, it’s time to take a closer look at his agent’s actions. It’s very well known that Boras was looking for a contract of 4 years worth close to $100 million. After every Dodger rejection, Boras insisted that the market was heating up and that the big money was still out there. Yet, twice already he has gone back to the Dodgers to negotiate.

First, it was the rejection of a 2 year $45 million deal, and then it was turning down a 1 year $25 million deal. Yet with every rejection, it seems there is only one end result, and that’s the Dodgers are the only team seriously interested in Manny Ramirez. At times this off-season, the Yankees, Mets, Angels, Giants and Nationals were all rumored to be the in Manny Ramirez sweepstakes. The Yankees spent over $200 million, the Nats signed Adam Dunn, the Angels signed Bobby Abreu, the Giants don’t have the money, and the Mets have said numerous times they are no longer interested.

It seems as though there is one team willing to talk contract with Manny and that’s the Dodgers, though for some reason Boras will have you think otherwise. I understand it’s his job as Manny’s agent to always put him in a seemingly advantageous position but it seems as though no one is listening. Back in 2001, Boras was somehow able to have the Texas Rangers outbid themselves for Alex Rodriguez. I don’t think the Dodgers will fall for the same antics. As the market for Manny has all but dried up, I would be flabbergasted if anyone but the Dodgers signs Manny Ramirez. I will be equally surprised if the Dodgers sign him to a contact greater than the 2 year $45 million originally offered. Looking back, it just seems as though Boras severally misplayed this market. Yet it’s not the first time…Alex Rodriguez.