Another Potential Professional Football League?

uflOn October 19, 2007, I reported that a new football league under development, the United Football League (UFL), wanted to kick-off its inaugural season in August 2008.  A year and a half later, I am sitting in Gainesville writing this post and still waiting for the UFL to show up on my HDTV.  But wait, could there be hope that I will be watching a UFL game sometime soon?  October 8, 2009?

There have been many announcements concerning the UFL over the past week.  Several coaches have signed up for its first season, including: Dennis Green (San Francisco), Jim Fassel (Las Vegas), Jim Haslett (Orlando) and Ted Cottrell (NY).  The league is also being innovative with its rules and following the wishes of many NFL fans by allowing end zone celebrations and adding technological advances like the addition of a GPS chip in the UFL’s footballs (will it include Google Lattitude?).

But can a league really get started with only four teams?  Time will tell.  The league has already beat its major hurdle: securing a TV partner.  All games, which will occur mostly on Thursday nights, will be broadcast on Versus network.  At first glance I question the move of signing on with Versus, but then I think about Spike TV before the UFC.  There is no reason that the UFL and Versus cannot work.  It just will be tougher for the UFL than signing on with an ESPN.

Even though the UFL has scored a TV deal, it will still have to overcome the terrible stigma involved with being a potential “competitor” of the NFL.  The XFL failed, NFL Europe collapsed, the AAFL and UNGL never got started, and the USFL is trying to start up once again.  The UFL has a TV deal, strong backers (financially and solid backgrounds), and only has to compete against college football games on Thursday nights (besides when the NFL schedules a Thurs. night game).

If you think that the UFL is a place that you want to offer to your clients, you can register to become an official agent right over here.  I did not find any qualifications needed to become licensed by the UFL, but I assume that there is some sort of background check involved.

By Darren Heitner

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When does their season start and end? Does it run at the same time as the NFL or in the Spring/Summer? Hopefully, they will grow more teams, possibly doubling in size after year 1. What happened to the other league (AAFL)?

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