personal brandI am a big believer in brand creation.  Not only should you be consciously aware of and constantly promoting and enhancing your own brand, you should consider your business as its own separate/ancillary brand.  In my case, I work on building Darren Heitner’s brand, Dynasty‘s brand, and each of Dynasty’s clients’ brands.  Each one feeds off the other, but they are all separate entities, at the same time.  I must also employ unique strategies in an effort to strengthen each individual brand.  Yet there are general practices that all brands should at least consider.

Dan Schawbel wrote a piece at that discusses 5 Ways to Take Control of Your Personal Brand.

  1. Create your Google profile.  Here’s mine.
  2. Reserve your name on social networks.  I have reserved “heitner”, “dynasty”, or “dynastyreps” on many of them.
  3. Establish a personal hub.  See
  4. Have a reputation management strategy.  My RSS reader tracks any stories that are written about my clients.
  5. Promote your expertise.  Email me to become a subject for our Interview with the Agent column.  Not worth your time?  Okay.

What else should be added to this list?