andre smith

The Andre Smith sweepstakes is over.  For now.  The newest winner (if that’s what you want to call it): Alvin Keels of Global Management Group (GMG).  Just as a recap, here is how Andre has chewed up and spit out agents thus far (in chronological order).

  1. DeBartolo Sports
  2. GMG
  3. Priority Sports

And now he’s back with Keels and GMG.  But wasn’t Smith supposed to actually be re-signing with Priority after firing the company prematurely?  That’s what his one time agent, Rick Smith, had thought.  On May 14, Rick Smith of Priority was saying that Andre Smith decided not to fire Priority Sports and that the Smiths were still tight.  Meanwhile, Alvin Keels was asking for his Twitter fans to root him on in winning back Andre Smith as a client. Rick Smith did not believe it (or did not tell the press he believed it) at the time, but Andre was not coming back to Priority.

Rick Smith is not happy.  Here is what he had to say to yesterday,

“In regards to Andre Smith, we are moving forward and devoting all of our attention on the high character, hard working and honest clients of Priority Sports.

“We were asked to come in at the last minute to provide credibility to his draft status and we succeeded in that task.  Soon after the draft, Andre Smith became a tremendous distraction to our company.  What we have subsequently determined is that Andre Smith does not match the culture of Priority Sports and the character of the clients we take so much pride in representing.

“This will be our final statement on this matter.”

Is this a hit at A) Andre Smith B) Alvin Keels or C) All of the Above.  I pick answer C.  Should we expect a response from Mr. Keels?  Will it be made from his Twitter account?

And wait, Priority just now found out that Andre Smith might have character issues?  Also, what are your thoughts on agencies/agents making these types of public statements?  Does the statement do more to help or harm Rick Smith and Priority Sports?