proplayervideoAustin Walton, Dynasty‘s Director of Basketball Operations, originally turned me on to the website,  He told me that many NBA/NBDL GMs, Assistant GMs, and scouts use the service to check out film on players who they might have not had a solid chance of evaluating in the past.  Additionally, he told me that the site is well respected overseas, and that decision makers in foreign leagues love to view players’ profiles and videos on the web site.  So I decided to reach out to the web site’s founder and see what the site is really all about.

I told Tyler Smith, founder of, about and how we would love to do a review of his site.  His response was immediate, and very congenial.  He agreed to take all of Dynasty’s clients’ video, cut them, and place them with their profiles…all for free.  I guess now is a good time to explain the service that Tyler provides. allows players or their agents to put their film on a web site that is accessible for everyone, and gives professional teams (U.S. and abroad) the ability to watch that film and contact the player/agent with any offers.  There is absolutely no cost for anyone to view the video or players’ profiles, but there is a small fee for a player or agent to have Tyler place video on his web site.  The site allows you to forget about sending out film overnight, which is often costly.

So we sent Tyler video for many of our basketball clients.  Not only does the video look great on the site, but the turnaround from when we sent it to the moment that Tyler had it up on his web site was a week, at most.  Tyler is very professional and a business owner who is easy to work with.  It helps that he was in the same situation in the past, trying desperately to get his video out to as many decision makers as possible, and spending tons of money in the process.  In fact, Tyler is still playing professional basketball overseas.

Take a look at what Tyler has done for Dynasty over at  If you have player film that needs to get in the hands of GMs both in the U.S. and abroad, I suggest talking to Tyler about what he can offer for your company.