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Warren Moon Starts Sports 1 Marketing

I knew that Warren Moon was interested in this area of the sports business.  Leigh Steinberg told me so back in April 2008, when he said that he felt that Moon would help Steinberg build a firm that would encompass representation and content supply.  How could you argue that point with Steinberg?  After all, he gave Warren Moon’s presenting speech when he went to the Hall of Fame.  In fact, the two had also worked together with the Tollner brothers at Tollner, Steinberg, and Moon.  The Tollner brothers now head up Rep 1 Sports Group.

Anyway, it looks like Moon is ready to do his own thing.  This week, he announced the creation of Sports 1 Marketing, and took Dave Meltzer with him to serve as the CEO of the new company.  Meltzer used to be CEO of Leigh Steinberg Enterprises.  It also looks like Moon took an idea from his other former partners (the Tollners) with his usage of the number 1 in his company’s name.  Perhaps Rep 1 and Sports 1 will do some business together.  Then again, Moon says that the 1 comes from his jersey number.  Makes sense.

Is this the official phasing out of Leigh Steinberg from the sports agency business?  Many will say that it has already happened, but with Moon going on his own and bringing Meltzer with him on the ride, who is left at Leigh Steinberg Sports & Entertainment other than Jeremiah Donati?

Moon and Co. put up a splash page for Sports 1 Marketing’s new website.  It is not yet functional as of the publishing of this post, but it looks like it will have a pleasant design.

By Darren Heitner

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4 replies on “Warren Moon Starts Sports 1 Marketing”

Thanks for sharing Darren. I had come across Sports 1 Marketing earlier this week in an article and was looking forward to your insight into it.

It’s interesting to see Moon starting his own venture versus joining up with Steinberg, but in my opinion, whoever is advising him made a large error by throwing up a nonfunctional splash page, complete with typos. If you are planning to build in this space, Hall of Fame player or not, professionalism is a big need and I think the quick launch of a site actually could set them back instead of move them forward. I like his entrepreneurial spirit, but as you know, the digital space is very valuable for fans and companies alike so groups need to approach it with the same care and caution as they would any other media channel.

Agreed – professionalism from the very start of a new company is key. That said, outside of this site and a few others, Sports 1 Marketing has not received much press, so the harmful effect of the typos, etc. probably will not be far reaching. But why have any errors at all? That kind of stuff needs to be taken care of.

I’m not a huge fan of splash pages, either. Either give me a “coming soon” or give me the real deal.

As a recent former intern for LSSE, just wanted to clear the air a bit. Yes, David Meltzer is leaving LSSE to assume the same role at Sports 1, but it’s not as though he was poached by Warren Moon. As lifelong friends, Warren’s endeavor has Leigh’s full endorsement and blessing, and there was no underhandedness whatsoever.

Take this for what it’s worth (as a self-proclaimed “recent former intern” over the Internet).

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