Two years ago, I did a Product Review on Church Hill Classics Athletic Framing.  Church Hill Classics had sent me a couple of beautiful college frames, but the frames and pictures consisted of two of my alma mater’s rivals: LSU and South Carolina.  It took a little while, but they finally got the rights to the University of Florida’s license, and just last week, I got a surprise in the mail.

Talk about a beautiful frame and picture!  I know we have three losses so far this year, but I cannot wait to put this up in my office.  It is one of the new products on Church Hill Classics’ Mike Sullivan Sports Artwork Frames line.  Sullivan is a nationally known sports artist who is known for his chiseled, edgy style.  The frames (which come in two different styles) are available here.  Go take a look.

And while I have your attention, Sports Agent Blog is running a contest for a separate prize.  We are teaming up with Buffalo Wild Wings to offer a free Buffalo Wild Wings lawn chair.  The chairs are great for tailgating or for additional seating all season long.

All you have to do is tweet what you think will be the the final score of tonight’s Game 4 of the New York Yankees vs. Texas Rangers match-up and reference @Darren_Heitner. Here is an example tweet: “@Darren_Heitner Game 4 #ALCS final score prediction: NYY-5 TX-2.”  If more than one person correctly predicts the final score, we will randomly select the winner amongst those who got it right.  If no one gets it right, then everyone who submits their guess will be eligible in a random drawing.  Make sure you include @Darren_Heitner, though, or else we won’t know that you tweeted your prediction.