According to Liz Mullen of SportsBusiness Journal, Josh Luchs will be losing his NFL Players Associations Contract Advisor license.  Luchs recently had his story of paying college athletes throughout his career revealed by Sports Illustrated writer, George Dohrmann.  The piece called out 30 former college football players who alleged had taken money or another kind of benefit from an agent in the past.  8 players confirmed the accusations.

Luchs has been disciplined by the NFLPA in the past, which probably allowed the NFLPA to take quick action against Luchs following the publication of the SI article, under the NFLPA Regulations Governing Contract Advisors.  As stated a couple of weeks ago, the extraordinary circumstances clause in the Regulations states that when an investigation discloses that the Contract Advisor’s conduct is of such a serious nature as to justify immediately revoking or suspending his Certification, the NFLPA may immediately revoke or suspend his Certification with the filing of a Disciplinary Complaint or thereafter.  The Contract Advisor is then entitled to an expedited appeal of that action.

Will Josh Luchs appeal the revocation of his license to practice as an NFLPA Contract Advisor?