2011 UFL Standard Player Contracts

Agents who had their clients selected in the 2011 UFL Draft should be happy that their players are safe from the great mystery of NFL football under the current lockout.  They will likely have their clients sign a United Football League Standard Player Contract (embedded below), which will be effective through February 29, 2012.  Paragraph 6 of the Contract discusses player compensation, which is set at $40,000 for the 2011 season.  Players can expect an extra $50 per day during the official preseason training camp.  But if a player gets injured in the preseason and is not on his team’s 50-man roster at the start of the season as a result of that injury, he will not be guaranteed any amount of that $40,000 laid out in the contract.  There is a $5,000 bonus available to players on the Championship Game losing team and $6,000 to players on the Championship Game winning team.

The contract is not guaranteed.  Each player will only receive a pro rata share of the $40,000 depending on the number of regular season games played.

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  • What is your interpretation of paragraph 3 b ? If a player requests to be released after the season from his contract does this mean there is no transfer fee?

  • Dk

    Can’t believe that the ufl is taking advantage of the players and cutting their salary this year. Also without medical coverage once again. Bonuses also were not paid out last year.