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BBI Sports Group Gives Jeff Frye The Boot

Right around the 10th anniversary of Jeff Frye hitting for the cycle with the Toronto Blue Jays came the unfortunate news that he was fired by BBI Sports Group.  However, I have heard that Frye still owns one-third of the company.  Frye had been a partner with agent Jay Franklin at Franklin-Frye Sports for some time before the company was folded to start BBI Sports.

BBI Sports just had a couple of advisees selected within the first 7 picks of the 2011 MLB Draft.  Dylan Bundy  was selected #4 overall by the Baltimore Orioles and Archie Bradley was selected #7 overall by the Arizona Diamondbacks.  There is no word if either of them will be leaving BBI Sports, although most believe that they will stay with the company instead of depart with Frye.  Other players currently represented by BBI Sports include Ian Kinsler, Ryan Franklin (brother of Jay Franklin), and Darren Oliver.

I had heard that former Major Leaguer Jeff Frye was best friends with Jay Franklin.  I wonder if they will keep their personal relationship even though the business one did not end up working out.  Will Frye make any push at keeping Ian Kinsler as a client?  After all, the two of them play Wii Bowling together.

By Darren Heitner

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Jay Franklin is a lying snake, and trades off his brothers name.  He has screwed so many people over, cheats on his wife and tries to portray himself as a good ol boy from the country.  Just look at why he was fired from Scott Boras

I just found this article. It is sad that people have to come on here and say things like this to try and tarnish or hurt someone. What is even more concerning is that the people posting negative comments and use alias’s!! If they are telling the truth and have something to say, maybe they should go put their real name on there. If anyone of these 2 people would like to speak to me personally they can. I don’t feel the need to put my phone number or email on here since they obviously know me that well so I am assuming they have my contact information. Don’t hide behind fake names, call, come visit, or email me.

Jay Franklin

From what I know – there is most likely more! – this is the truth

Terminated by the Cleveland Indians – Improper use of credit card

Fired by Scott Boras for Embezzlement

Caught multiple times with multiple women by his wife

Cheated, Slandered and Threatened other agents

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