The NFLPA has worked with APMG to bring pro football to China.

The National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) and APMG Sports want you to mark your calendars for May 4, 2013.  That is the day that an American football game featuring professional players in China will take place at the National Olympic Stadium in Beijing.  The stated purpose of the event is to celebrate 40 years of China-U.S. diplomatic and cultural relations, and it will be one event among several other significant ceremonies to highlight the historic 1972 diplomatic meeting between Chinese Chairman Mao Zedong and U.S. President Richard Nixon.

There are a group of great NFL and political figures who will be a part of the event, including Pro Football Hall of Fame members Art Monk, Floyd Little, and Darrell Green.  Additionally, current Philadelphia Eagles offensive tackle Ed Wang (of Chinese ancestry) will be in the delegation.

“It is a distinct honor and privilege to work with the NFLPA and the people of China in bringing this historic event to Beijing,” said APMG Sports Founder/President John Glavin. “We look forward to exciting and lasting people-to-people exchanges of sports and culture of this type for many years to come.”

Added NFLPA spokesperson George Atallah: “The NFL Players Association appreciates the opportunity that the people of China are providing our organization in welcoming us as ambassadors of professional American football in China. We are looking forward to developing many Chinese football fans and players for many years to come.”