Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers is all smiles these days.

I am at the 2013 American Bar Association Symposium On Entertainment And Sports Industries today, moderating a panel titled, “Entertainers, Sports and Labor Law:Where Entertainers, Athletes and the Law Merge or Collide.”  Last week was a blast.  I had the unique opportunity of visiting Dallas with a client and witnessing the unveiling of the George W. Bush Center at Southern Methodist University.  This month marks the one year anniversary of my writing at Forbes.  On that note…this week on Forbes.com: (1) WWE Scoring Big Numbers In And Outside Of The Wrestlemania Ring; (2) Tyler Bray The Main Blemish In Otherwise Successful NFL Draft For The SEC; (3) Tim Tebow To Jacksonville Jaguars Would Be A Smart Business Decision; (4) How Does Jason Collins’ Coming Out Statement Affect His Off-Court Opportunities?; (5) NHL MVP Evgeni Malkin Becomes Brand Ambassador Of MoGo Flavored Mouthguards; (6) How Boston Celtics Head Coach Doc Rivers’ $25,000 Fine Fits Into League’s History Of Penalties.  And as always, the weekly wrap-up: