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Jay Z Speaks About His Role As A Sports Agent

Jay Z visited Jimmy Kimmel Live this week while the show was in Brooklyn, NY and spoke about his role as an agent. During the interview, Jay Z speaks candidly about how being a sports agent is incredible and when Kimmel says he feels like it would be a “huge pain in the ass in to me” Jay Z agrees but he adds that it’s great.

In the interview Jay Z goes on to say “All these years athletes get a bad rap (some deservingly) about how they handle their finances but no one ever talks about the agent, it’s always the dumb athlete and the agent goes on about their business.”

He goes on to add “It’s at the agent’s responsibility to take care of these kids, they’re 21, 18 years old. The first second they buy a big house, they’re kids someone needs to advise them.”

Kimmel asked the question that all New York Mets fans want to know which was “Will you advise Yoenis Cespedes, who is one of your clients to stay with the Mets?” and Jay Z answers that “Well it’s not up to me its up to the Mets.”

Kimmel also asked him if it was weird for him being a Yankees fan and taking a player like Robinson Cano away from the Yankees and sending him to Seattle and Jay Z responded “That’s bad phrasing, I didn’t take him away, the Yankees were given a choice, and they didn’t choose to keep him, a home grown talent. Because of his answer Kimmel tells Jay Z “You really are an agent.”

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