The Houston Rockets’ Dwight Howard could impact the free agency market this offseason and potentially shift the online NBA sports betting odds for the coming year. This comes as he has fired his agent Dan Fegan.

Howard sent a message to USA Today stating that he has cut his ties with Dan Fegan, a person who had been his agent for a rather long time. He has also cut ties with Relativity Sports, the agency Fegan is associated with. Howard said that he is doing this as a means of focusing on his immediate future of getting the Rockets far into the playoffs.

There have been plenty of rumors flying around online NBA sportsbook services with regards to Howard’s status with the Rockets. There were concerns that he wanted to get out of Houston or that the Rockets wanted to trade him. Various stories have suggested that he is not getting along with fellow star James Harden. However, Howard continues to say that he wants to stay in Houston this year.

It is true that many upcoming free agents will switch the agencies they are associated with on occasion. However, Fegan and Relativity have seen some big departures in recent time. Stars like John Wall and DeAndre Jordan have dropped Fegan’s services in recent time.

Dan Fegan has been criticized for being a disruptive force in contract negotiations. These include issues surrounding Dwight Howard’s last year in Orlando and DeAndre Jordan’s move to Dallas and then back to the Los Angeles Clippers. John Wall also argued that Fegan was not helping him out with his image in that Wall had been very visible during his time in school at Kentucky but that he is not getting exposed anywhere in Washington. This led to Wall signing with Rich Paul in recent time.

There are a few other players that are associated with Fegan like Ricky Rubio, Chandler Parsons and Cameron Payne. Whether or not they are going to stick with Fegan for the future is unclear.

There have been added issues for Dwight Howard in recent time over how effective he is and how he is able to get along with other players. Howard has been a noteworthy player in the court in recent time but whether or not he is willing to stick with the Houston Rockets after the season ends is unclear. One point is for certain that that Dan Fegan will not be a part of his future regardless of what might go on.