The beginning of the 2017 NFL season is right around the corner and while most players are coming off of a summer of relaxation, some NFL players were working with organizations to make sure young athletes have the best opportunity to make it to the big leagues.

Despite suffering a torn ACL during organized team activities a few months back, Baltimore Ravens CB Tavon Young has been active with Champion Road Scholars (CRS). The mission of Champion Road Scholars is to get student athletes exposure to college football coaches to better position themselves for an athletic scholarship, thus resulting in a free education of higher learning. The organization has gained over $6 million worth of collegiate scholarships for their participants and was founded by Donnell Douglas and Tony Young. One of CRS’ main events is their bus tour which is funded by personal donations from Tavon Young, Philadelphia Eagles CB Ronald Darby, Under Armour, and a few private sponsors that support youth empowerment causes. 

The bus tour has been going on for 8 years and Tavon Young is a product of the program in which he gained an athletic college scholarship to Temple University as a direct result of the bus tour. Once Tavon received a college education and was drafted to the Baltimore Ravens he wanted to give back to the same community he grew up in and help kids that he related to, so he has been involved in CRS for the past 2 years as a proud sponsor.

There have been approximately 250+ kids that have utilized CRS’s mentoring program, bus tour, and referral service to skill position and fitness trainers over the past 8 years, averaging 30+ kids per year. CRS is currently in the process of adding skill camps, educational trips, life skills classes, SAT/ACT college prep classes and tutoring in 2017-2018.