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Where is the Grass Greener?

I attended a recent symposium at Manhattanville College where there was a discussion about the agent business in professional sports. One of the speakers was Art Weiss, the agent for Wayne Chrebet, Harry Carson and several other NFL players. Weiss said the grass was greener in baseball, meaning the financial rewards in baseball were far […]

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The Future of the Sports Agent Business

In today’s business you see more and more people who are trying to break into the sports agent world and sign that big time athlete that can set off a career of fortune. It is too bad that the majority of agents never reach those lofty goals they set fourth. In fact, as of 2001 […]

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Family Acting as Agents: It’s just not right!

Watching the NBA draft Thursday made me think of this topic and how wrong it is. An ESPN reporter asked Mike Conley Sr., the agent of Greg Oden and Mike Conley Jr, why he is the best choice to be representing both of these future NBA superstars. His answer: “This business is about trust and […]

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Rookie Holdouts

In the next few weeks you will see more and more top NFL draft picks being signed…and then you will notice the few who holdout. The most notable ones will probably be Jamarcus Russell and Brady Quinn. I understand that as an agent your job is to get your client the most money possible, but […]