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Nightmare Clients for the Week of July 23rd-July 30th

Coming to you a couple of days late, but still here for your enjoyment. Here are your nightmare clients of the previous week. 1. The Cincinnati Bengal organization Instead of naming every Cincinnati Bengal that had been arrested or suspended before the 2006 season has even started, I am just going to go ahead and […]

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Want to be an MLS agent?

You may not after reading these facts about player salaries. btw, MLS stands for Major League Soccer, America’s attempt to create a professional soccer league in the U.S. Looking at salaries alone, it seems that the league is has not reached nearly enough popularity so far, and needs a boost before players like Freddy Adu […]

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Incentive Clauses

From reader John Bristor: Scenario: Major League pitcher has a guarranted 1 yr contract with a no trade clause and performance bonuses based on number of games started. Pitcher and manager don’t get along, and Team A designates him for assignment, he clears waivers and is signed to a new contract by Team B at […]

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Johnny Damon’s Move to New York; Was it Theo’s Ego or Boras’s Lie?

Seth Mnookin is coming out with a book tomorrow that looks to be a good read: Feeding the Monster : How Money, Smarts, and Nerve Took a Team to the Top.  Today, Mr. Mnookin has realease his last preview of the book by highlighting the negotiation between agent Scott Boras and Theo Epstein over Johnny […]

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Maybe This Is Why The Cubs Can’t Win

This past Sunday, I did an Agent Spotlight on agent Mark Rodgers. One of his clients that was displayed is a man named Chris Huseby, an 11th round pick made by the Chicago Cubs in this years MLB draft. Well via Deadspin, who has linked to a Baseball America report, I was able to find […]

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Analysis of “The National Hockey League and Salary Arbitration: Time for a Line Change”

Thanks to Sports Law Blog, I came across a very interesting article in the Ohio State Journal on Dispute Resolution titled The National Hockey League and Salary Arbitration: Time for a Line Change [Entire Note in LexisNexis]. Even if you have a LexisNexis subscription, reading the entire note produced by Stephen M. Yoost may require […]

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Odalis, Will You Be My Hero?

“When you spend your own money you want to be recognized for that. I don’t want to be a hero, but just pay more attention to what I’m doing. People don’t want to give me the recognition for it.” How many guesses will it take before you figure out who said the quote above? If […]

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2006 MLB Draft

While it is definitely not as exciting as the NBA or NFL live drafts, the MLB draft is chalk full of players that will be selected throughout today and tomorrow (June 6th-June 7th). As an intern at Career Sports & Entertainment last summer, I watched the entire draft, making sure that I was the first […]

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Is Being A Sports Agent Rocket Science?

Last night on ESPN’s Outside The Lines, the agent situation for three athletes was examined. These 3 topics were discussed: 1. Vince Young’s selection of Major Adams as his agent 2. Lance Berkman’s original selection of his father as his agent 3. The agent selection process for Jonathan Vilma 1. Vince Young’s selection of Major […]

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Pool D of the World Baseball Classic began today with the Domincan Republic vs. Venezuela. I had the chance to watch the game on ESPN and was amazed by how much talent they could put on one field. I feel lucky to be able to attend the Domincan Republic v. Italy game this Thursday. With […]