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2007 – The Year of the NFL Agent

Yes, the Chinese have dubbed 2007 to be The Year of the NFL Agent…you heard it here first. But on a serious note, look out for an uncapped 2007 in the National Football League. Straight from the mouth of NFLPA executive director Gene Upshaw: March 3 will be the beginning of a new league year […]

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Regulations Governing Sports Agents

Being a student studying business I ask myself everyday: How is this lecture by this PhD relevant to my future life? The fact of the matter is that if you are aspiring to run your own business or manage a firm like a Sports Agency you will have to learn by doing. You can gain […]

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They say: “The pay’s the thing”

Whenever I stumble upon a website that I think is valuable for any current or aspiring Sports Agent, I post it on this blog. Recently, I ran across Cot’s Baseball Contracts, a site dedicated to disclosing the fine details of contracts for every team in Major League Baseball. There is also some contract information about […]

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SPARTA – not the Greek city

SPARTA stands for “The Sports Agent Responsibility and Trust Act,” and along with the UAAA (Universal Athlete Agent Act), it is an important document to become accustomed to. Of SPARTA’s three primary objectives, I find the second objective to be the most important. Its second objective places violations of the act under the jurisdiction of […]

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Arbitration…good or bad?

This post seems apropos since it is February, and February is the season for abritration. In a previous post titled, “Want to be an MLB agent? (Part I…of many)”, arbitration in baseball was briefly discussed. It was noted that: A player may become eligible for salary arbitration one of two ways: A player with less […]

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“This Is Not a Game” by CFO Magazine

I happened to stumble across a superb article over at CFO Magazine. Many prominent Sports Agents took part in making 4-page piece possible. It is from the current, January 2006 Issue, and is definitely worth taking a look at. (btw: Anna’s picture was not only placed on this thread for eye-candy…but also because her contract […]

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New high MLB signing bonus

#1 pick of the 2005 MLB Draft, Justin Upton, has just obtained the largest 1st signing bonus in the history of baseball. He will receive $6.1 million over 5 years (that is just the signing bonus). His agent is Larry Reynolds, brother of Harold Reynolds. More about this may be read here [tags]upton, baseball, mlb, […]

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MLB Minimum Salary

Baseball minimum salary jumps to $327,000 3.5% increase from the previous $316,000 minimum salary. [tags]baseball, salary[/tags]

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Are you Sabermetrics Savy?

As an agent, you need to sell your player at the price he/she deserves. In-depth statistical performance analysis has been the latest fad in Major League Baseball. Billy Beane of the Oakland Athletics has been using it for years, and Paul Depodesta was using it…until he got fired from the Los Angeles Dodgers. I predict […]

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Next Question!

What would a Sports Agent blog be without discussion on the current (whether it’s good for the business of sports or not) poster-boy of the Sports Agent world, Drew Rosenhaus? In his last Press Conference (notice that we actually have not seen him in a while), he barely answered any questions from the press straight-forward, […]