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The 2007 NFL ‘Sports Agent’ Live Draft

This thread will be updated in real time. I may stop after the first round. We shall see! 1. Oakland Raiders – JaMarcus Russell – Eric Metz of LMM Management 2. Detroit Lions – Calvin Johnson – Bus Cook of BC Sports, Inc. 3. Cleveland Browns – Joe Thomas – Peter Schaffer of All Pro […]

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NFL Draft: Conduct Policy Ramifications

While you’re sitting at home this weekend with your bag of chips and six-pack, try not to be too surprised when you witness an unprecedented number of highly skilled players fall to lower draft positions (and even lower rounds). The NFL’s new conduct policy delivered harsh suspensions to Adam “Pacman” Jones and Chris Henry earlier […]

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Cross CAA Off Of Leinart’s List Of Friends

Sorry Nick Lachey…Matt Leinart may be a little busy the next couple of weeks as he searches for a new agent. Just like Lachey’s fall out with Jessica Simpson, Leinart seems to be cutting ties with Creative Artists Agency after only one year of representation [After Only a Year, Matt Leinart Fires CAA]. Did Matty-Boy […]

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Bill Henkel Is Looking For Some Positive Endorsements

Marketing agent Bill Henkel could be seeing some jail time. What do Adrian Peterson, Steve Smith, Derrick Johnson, and Lorenzo Booker all have in common?  They all have Bill Henkel as their current marketing agent.  In January of this year, IMG filed a temporary restraining order against Henkel after accusing him of trying to steal […]

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Vikings legal counsel speaks on the NFL, new conduct policy

Friday afternoon I attended the 2007 Art, Entertainment & Sports Law Institute, prepared and hosted by the Minnesota CLE (Continuing Legal Education) and the Minnesota State Bar Association’s (MSBA) Art, Entertainment & Sports Law Section, in Minneapolis. (As a quick aside, most state bar associations have sections devoted to entertainment and sports law. There is […]

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Pacman Buys Himself Some Good Press

Even players notorious for being trouble makers can show some intelligence and do their best to recover some sort of a positive image. Yesterday, Pacman Jones bought a full-page ad in The Tennessean, where he recognizes his past mishaps and says that he has learned from his mistakes. Kudos to Pacman for working with his […]

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Take The Vow

Playing high school football, college football, and then in the NFL will definitely take a toll on your body. The most pain may be felt after retirement, however. The “glamor” of being a Sports Agent is felt by few, and the few who ever become the top of the trade, often experience the feeling in […]

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Take It And Like It And Don’t Blog About It

The NFLPA does not want to hear any complaints about its pension policy from retired players. Freedom of expression. It sounds good on paper, especially when that paper is the U.S. Constitution. Unfortunately for retired NFL players, that privilege is being taken away. Apparently, many retired players have been keeping blogs (news to me) that […]

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A Costly Media Day

Brian Urlacher has been fined $100,000 for promoting a company that is not an official sponsor of the NFL. Sports Agents, it is time to brush up on your professional sport corporate sponsors! Because if your client sports a brand that is a rival of an exclusive sponsor of that particular sport, he or she […]

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More on Reggie Bush

The Reggie Bush saga continues. For those lacking its somewhat sensational background, the linked timeline may be of help. In the latest development, Yahoo! Sports reports that San Diego businessman Michael Michaels, “one of the financiers of failed marketing agency New Era Sports & Entertainment [along with Lloyd Lake], reached a settlement with the current […]