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Maybe This Is Why The Cubs Can’t Win

This past Sunday, I did an Agent Spotlight on agent Mark Rodgers. One of his clients that was displayed is a man named Chris Huseby, an 11th round pick made by the Chicago Cubs in this years MLB draft. Well via Deadspin, who has linked to a Baseball America report, I was able to find […]



While I know that this story has absolutely nothing to do with the business of sports or Sports Agents, I will still provide a link to it since we have covered funny mascot stories in the past [Stanford…the Harvard of the West…with a 0.157 alcohol level…]. Has the Stanford Cardinal been outdone by Benny the […]

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NBA Good Guy

Some positive news to go along with what I hope is a great 4th of July for everyone.  I’ll keep it short and sweet and allow you to click on the link to read about the good side of the sports world that we often forget about [NBA Good Guy: Andrei Kirilenko]. [tags]nba, kirilenko[/tags]

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15 trades overall in the NBA draft. The Knicks and Trail Blazers are getting hammered for their decisions, but we’ll leave that discussion to the so-called analysts. The fact that there were 15 trades in the draft brings me thinking back to an article by the Sports Law Blog [The Legality of Oral Promises by […]

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Agent Spotlight: Mark Rodgers

Palm City, Florida. Not only the home of the great Phil Heitner (my dad), but also a place that agent Mark Rodgers calls his home. At 47 years old, Rodgers is an independent sports agent that works out of an annex to his home. I forgot to mention that the man boasts a list of […]


Condolences From The Entire Sports World

The head coach of the Northwestern football team, and former Career Sports & Entertainment client, Randy Walker passed away on June 29th [Randy Walker, R.I.P.]. He has produced a top-notch program at a school notoriously known for its academics. As someone who preached to his players about maintaining their G.P.A.’s while excelling on the field, […]


Was it Morning Call? I’m Betting on Squawk Box.

In an important Sports Business shake-up news story that I just got word of from SportsBusinessRadio, I found out that Darren (sweet name) Rovell will be leaving and will join CNBC starting July 11th. No word on exactly what Rovell will be doing there (hopefully he will not be eating bulls…Booyah!), but hopefully he […]

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Want to be an NBA agent? Part II

This post will serve as part II to the original post: Want to be an NBA agent? created on January 12, 2006. The impetus for creating another post on this topic was formed by an article from [Ready for the big time]. Here are some of the important points in the article that may […]

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The “Sleaze Factor” Among Other Terms

While I was away in beautiful, but definitely scorching hot Las Vegas, Nicholas sent me a link over to a article written by Liz Mullen that dealt with the Sports Agent profession [Sleaze factor off the charts, agents allege]. Here is what I found to be the important commentary, with a little bit of […]

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Welcome to the 21st Century

The use of technology is becoming more prevalent in sports. From online fantasy games, sports cell phones, to on demand sporting events it is more obvious that athletes (and agents) cannot forget the cyber equation. One of the most successful business ventures over the past 2 years is Apple’s iPod. Apparently, the trend is catching […]