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Less Money…Moore Golf

Ryan MooreThis might be a first in the annals of modern sport.  Ryan Moore, who placed 6th in last week’s FBR Open, has entered the new season void of any sponsorships.  If anyone caught part of that tournament you could have seen Moore rocking a pair of Puma shoes with spikes attached, a tie, and a short-billed hat.  Once covered in Ping attire, the rising golfer decided that he wanted to get back to the game in its purest form.  That meant shedding the demands of sponsors to wear a certain hat or play a brand of club.  Moore had this to say about the new situation:

I just feel more comfortable out here this year. I pick a club now because I want to play it, not because I have to use a club because of a deal I have, and then I have to make the club work for me.

Moore’s attitude is a breath of fresh air in a sport that is dominated largely and relies on the sponsors.  Hopefully he can turn his new peace-of-mind into victories, and earn back some of the green he just lost.  I’m guessing his agent is thinking something similar.  But in the end, you still have to admire Ryan’s passion for the game.  Besides, how many other golfers can say that they walked into a department store to pick out their gear for next weekend’s game?

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