NFL Players Performance Analysis

This is just a quick thought that I wanted to share with you guys about the NFL, particularly about great all-time receivers…

terrell owens

There are a few very admirable guys out there to include: Jerry Rice, Tim Brown, Cris Carter, Art Monk, Raymond Berry, Lynn Swann, Andre Reed, and Marvin Harrison. Guys who did it all on the field, but also showed respect to the game and did it the right away. It’s a shame the media prevents us from seeing these all time great receivers more often.

What I mean is that the media is so focused on the Terrell Owens’ and Chad Johnson’s of the world. Guys who have distracted teammates with their antics, which therefore was the beginning of the end for franchises (T.O. with the Cowboys, Eagles, 49ers & Johnson with the Bengals). I feel with giving Terrell a 1 year 6 mil$ deal, the Buffalo Bills made a great move, because at first, the Bills will be so excited to have a guy that gets as much media attention as Owens in Buffalo. Trust me; in this economy it will make very nice money. So after his year of great production (think 75 receptions 1250 yards and 11 touchdowns), the Bills will have gotten their money’s worth. Next they should let him walk and catch on to another team for one year. Terrell is truly a great football player. He works hard and I appreciate him a lot for that as a player. It’s just, Terrell come on, how has this perceived idea of you “destructing every team you go to” gotten so much notoriety? I wish I could sit down and ask him that, because that is all that is holding him back in my book, of being one of the greatest football players of all time at his respective position.

By Brandon Thorn

Brandon Thorn is currently serving in the United States Air Force as an E-5/Staff Sergeant. He has been on two combat deployments to Iraq and is serving a six year enlistment on active duty. Aside from his job as a Security Forces member in the Air Force, Brandon goes to school at American Military University in pursuit of his CCAF degree in Criminal Justice. Throughout his life, Brandon has always been captivated by NFL players and teams, none more so then his beloved Denver Broncos. Over the years he has read many books on current and past NFL icons such as Dan Rooney, John Elway, Walter Payton, Johnny Unitas, and Ernie Accorsi. His passion for the game and insight on the players in it is rare and he will be a die hard fan of The League forever.