WNBA – Women, Numbers, Basketball, and Athleticism

The WNBA is all about women, numbers, basketball and athleticism.  As the WNBA continues to evolve, the players are demonstrating that women are capable of achieving many things in life.  Women can play professional sports, defy the odds, and conquer adversity.

The women that started with the WNBA were determined to help and support the WNBA’s brand, image, and fulfill dreams. Most of these ladies have retired. Players like Teresa WitherspoonTamecka Dixon, Jamie Carey, Rebecca Lobo, and Sheryl Swoopes are gone. Some pursued other careers and played overseas. This past year, two of the WNBA’s most infamous players decided it was time to chart a new path in life (Connie Poindexter and Lisa Leslie). The league is experiencing a “changing of the guard” or “out with the old and in with the new”. People didn’t think the league was going to last. Some people are still questioning whether it will survive. The theory is “if the women played basketball like men”, the basketball games would be more entertaining for the masses. The WNBA could charge higher ticket prices which undoubtedly increases the revenue stream for the organizations. Most importantly, the players would make higher salaries. Today, the WNBA has Lindsay Whalen, Diana Taurasi, Candace Parker, and Amber Holt.

Women may never be capable of playing like men.  However, the league’s development and growth has influenced the next generation of players to step up their game. Some of the women work very hard to become the best on and off the court. They believe in themselves and are confident that they can b-ball like the guys.

The 2010 WNBA Draft will have some paramount players to enter the WNBA this year. The women are really good athletes. Many of the ladies have overcome considerable amounts of adversity. There are a variety of personalities and talent. The skills are phenomenal. The women possess agility, strength, speed, focus, composure, control, and vision. They are ambitious and determined. The women love the game.

It is a pleasure and honor to write about the upcoming 2010 WNBA draft and draft prospects for SAB. The women featured from week to week are the future of the WNBA. If you have some time, please tune in to watch “March Madness” and NCAA Women’s basketball. After the NCAA tournaments, watch the televised WNBA games this season. Better yet, go and support the women. The games are fun and one can see how well the women execute fundamental basketball. Let us know your thoughts about the league and players.

Some of the men might think the women are “hard on the eyes”. Eventually, men will see beautiful women dunking balls and call it sexy!

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Damn, dude, this may be one of the most grossly inaccurate listing of people, and spelling of names I’ve ever seen related to the WNBA.

I would have hoped you got your facts right before posting this…

How do you spell the names correctly? We are open to positive feedback. I see one name misspelled within the article…can you tell me which one it is? What is inaccurate regarding the listing of people. Please…I would like to know.

Teresa Weatherspoon and Cappie Pondexter both have their names spelled incorrectly.

Sue Bird is still playing AND starting for the Seattle Storm. Cappie is a RFA for the Phoenix Mercury.

And Amber Holt only averaged 6 points per roughly 17 minutes of play. There are many other deserving players you could have put in the article (Becky Hammon, Katie Smith, etc)

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