Aiming For The Top! – Episode 12: The End of Another Season

This is an in depth weekly series that chronicles the quest of a boutique hockey agency, VSM Hockey, to reach the top of the NHL hockey agent world. Its story is narrated by its president and founder, Nikolaï Ray.

Easter has passed, Mother’s day is almost here, and the sun is finally starting to shine. These traits are definitely characteristics of the end of a hockey season. This year has been a one-of-a-kind for us at VSM Hockey. Plenty of things have happened, good and bad, but all of them were necessary in order to allow us to grow, evolve, and to eventually reach our own goals.

These last couple of weeks have been all about touching base with scouts and teams about next season, preparing off-season planning for our guys and meeting up with them in order to recap the last season.

One of our junior players is gaining interest from NHL teams. I had a real productive discussion with an NHL scout about him, and he confirmed that they are very interested in drafting him. He now has 3 teams interested in either drafting or inviting him, so things are extremely positive!

Our pro’ goalie just arrived home, so I had the chance to go and grab a meal with him. We discussed his last season and planned for the upcoming season. All in all, we are very satisfied with the year he had and expect him to continue to progress tremendously. I truly believe that we will see him in the NHL in a couple of years. He possesses a mental attitude and strength that very few can even comprehend.

Great news for our midget player; he has been listed as a first rounder for the upcoming QMJHL draft. He had a strong season as he played in the Canada Games and at only 15 was the pillar on defence for his midget team. Our job will be to get him ready to make the jump up to Juniors as quickly as possible.

So for now, it’s telephone and gym time!