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Boston College Senior OT John Wetzel Signs With Tom Condon of CAA Football

Boston College offensive tackle John Wetzel has made his decision on representation, and has given his blessing to football agent Tom Condon of Creative Artists Agency (CAA) Football.  That Condon signed a Boston College player is not at all surprising. In 2012, the only player selected from Boston College was inside linebacker Luke Kuechly.  He […]

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Osi Umenyiora Signs with Tom Condon of Creative Artists Agency

In the beginning of June, I reported that New York Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora parted ways with his agent Tony Agnone of Eastern Athletic Services.  Umenyiora only had to wait five days from the date that he left Agnone to hire a new agent, but did not decide on new representation until last week, when he hired Tom Condon […]

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Tom Condon v. Ryan Pickett

Tom Condon, who is an agent in the football division at Creative Artists Agency (CAA), has filed a lawsuit in federal court against former client, Ryan Pickett.  Condon claims that Pickett owes the agent $83,600 in unpaid agent fees, and wants the court to confirm and enforce an arbitrator’s order stating such is true.  The […]

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Tom Condon Talks Rookie Wage Scale And Recruiting

Rick Horrow, also known as “The Sports Professor”, recently interviewed Tom Condon for Fox Sports.  He asked Condon if he thought that the agent business regulates itself adequately.  The response: “No, not really.”  The big problem is the enforcement of the rules, not that the rules don’t exist.  If Condon could change one thing, it would […]

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Tom Condon Talks CBA & NFL Draft

Did you know that Tom Condon of Creative Artists Agency (CAA) has represented 5 of the last 6 #1 overall picks in the NFL Draft?  That is amazingly impressive.  To top it off, Condon represents Sam Bradford, and even though the St. Louis Rams say that they will not sign a contract with their future […]

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Asomugha Drops Baker For Condon

It is an agent’s biggest fear.  You invest a ton of time, money, and your heart into a solid player who is a great role player, but not yet a super star.  He gets his chance in his respective league, gets better and better by the year, and eventually gets elected to represent his conference […]

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Once Again, Kudos Mr. Condon

The Once Again title refers to an article I wrote last summer. There are now two top draft picks signed from the 2008 NFL draft, both of which are clients of Tom Condon. A week before the draft, the number 1 pick Jake Long signed a 5 year $57.75 million deal with the Dolphins, $30 […]

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Does Tom Condon Hate The Senior Bowl?

Because everyone else seems to love it. A New York Times’ article this week, for example, previews today’s Senior Bowl, and specifically its relatively newfound media exposure and frenzy. Some excerpts: “This week’s practices in preparation for Saturday’s Senior Bowl in Mobile, Ala. served as the beginning of an intense three-month evaluation that will culminate […]

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Kudos, Tom Condon

When it comes to sports and my opinions on them, I think my views and thoughts are as insightful and informative as any (Editors Note: Someone is a little confident…). In my first article for, I wrote about rookie holdouts and how agents need to do a better job at getting their clients in […]

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Tom Condon Is A Kansas City Star

Over a year ago, I did an Agent Spotlight on Tom Condon, highlighting his move from IMG to CAA and noting that he may be one of the strongest and most progressive agents in the industry [Agent Spotlight: Tom Condon]. As the media continues to highlight agents more and more by the day, Condon has […]