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Don’t Player Hate, Arbitrate

Ryan Howard’s agent, Larry Reynolds Casey Close, is spending hours each day (or delegating that responsibility to someone else) preparing a case to prove that Howard deserves $10 million instead of the $7 million that the Phillies want to compensate him for his efforts. The system is called arbitration, but why is it used and […]

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Ryan Howard Aims To End Philadelphia’s Streak

A little over a year ago, Ryan Howard dropped his agent Larry Reynolds of Reynolds Sports Management in favor of Casey Close, who works for CAA. Howard was coming off of an MVP year and was hoping for another stellar season so that he could go to arbitration with Close and get a monumental deal. […]

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Shabbat Shalom: Special Thursday Wrap-Up

This Shabbat Shalom Wrap-Up is brought to you one day earlier than usual. I am soon leaving Florida for Las Vegas to celebrate my step-brother’s bachelor party. I will not have access to a computer for the entire weekend, and thus submit to you the stories that I failed to cover during the week: Sports […]

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Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-Up

Tony LaRussa has signed his first agent. He is now represented by Creative Artists Agency (CAA) for speaking engagements [Business is sweet]. CAA has also taken over representation for professional beach volleyball company, AVP [AVP ANNOUNCES NEW STRATEGIC RELATIONSHIP WITH CREATIVE ARTISTS AGENCY]. Tack on another 10 years for Coca-Cola to say it is the […]

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Colluding against ARod?

So MLBPA executive director Donald Fehr doesn’t seem too concerned about the possible fallout from Former Senator George Mitchell’s impending steroid report. But he is upset over rumors that came out of the recent general managers’ meetings relating to the sharing of information between clubs as to their plans regarding players. Baseball’s labor contract says […]

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Chad Cordero Teaches Us An Important Arbitration Lesson

On February 18th, I recognized that it is arbitration season with a post about Miguel Cabrera’s victory for the players against the owners after they had gone 0-4 thus far in actual hearings [‘Tis Arbitration Season]. More importantly for this post, I referenced an article I wrote a year ago titled: Arbitration…good or bad? Hey […]

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‘Tis Arbitration Season

Instead of settling prior to an actual arbitration hearing, the Florida Marlins and Miguel Cabrera decided to duke it out in the first final-offer arbitration case won by a player in the 2007 MLB offseason [Cabrera’s arbitration win is first for player this year]. The Marlins offered Cabrera $6.7 million, but Cabrera and his agent […]

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Hay Fever

Fox Sports is reporting about an intriguing story in the AFL. Jonathan Hay began a 3 year near $1 million contract with the Kangaroos at the start of last season. His form was average at best and it was revealed during the season that he was suffering from bi-polar disorder. The Kangaroos now want to […]

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Sue Yorke

Interesting player dispute is surfacing in Australia that I thought I would bring to your attention. Dwight Yorke, the former hero of Sydney FC is still owed $250,000 of unpaid wages from his time at the club last season. His management team has brought legal action against the club. However, Sydney FC is counter suing […]

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Edit: This is issue has been settled by the Melbourne Storm trading 2 players to the Gold Coast Titans and AUS$85,000 compensation. Read the story here. An on-going battle has been taking place in the world of rugby lately. Steve Turner played for the Melbourne Storm last season and during the season announced he would […]